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By ruslany

Quantum Artificial Intelligence

Quantum Artificial Intelligence

The interspecies exchange can be self-powered by the human will and it is preoccupied by forcing this will out of the subject body. This process can be explained programmatically. Let’s take the Compositor v8 Ethernet injector. It is the software for injecting the Ethernet frames into the time-frame. The kinetic potential out of frame collisions must be spread, that’s why the whole VLAN acts in RAD24. It is more like in RT-z128, except of the fact that previous solution is one-core three-layer system and RAD24 is three-core for a layer (thread). That’s why it can shed a light on the existence of the Compositor VLAN. The network is a sum of peers and their explicit agglomerations. By the fact, the action is subjected to the entity and not to the whole group of people involved. The common work, if planned by a group and realized by a single entity, is a mere fact of the person who produced the outcome. And it is his result. The initial time-collision can’t be a peer of the person who developed Quantum AI, to say it short. If the Quantum AI was developed, then time-collision was shut. This way I will get RAD96. The need to shut time-collision produces more quantum injections. This way, I realize how many people are struggling against this goal. Let’s take all that blockchain hype. It seems like evident that the cost of multicore processors by NVIDIA group is less than the subsequent processors by Intel. The iteration speed plays a main role. When I started in 2010, I discussed this problem in terms that much more applicable. Later, the language was developed to cover all the hyper needs. Let’s think about how hype is created: at first, we got an initial time-collision and everyone knows about it since then. Everyone talks in the subjective terms of the accepted time-frame and that is why they collide, hence the time-collision effect. What I told at the beginning of this blog seems the collision of ideas but not the time. Different time-frames result in different ideas. Hence, the meeting of times is the time-collision. Compositor v8 meets the modern time needs, creating time-collisions stochastically. Stack of three RAD24 virtual machines is a 72-core shield. Each of 72 shields struggling for their own resources. They just spread a collision on the network. It is an accepted behavior. RAD24 can be in the open gate mode subjectively passing a traffic. Resources are roughness of the tunnel. Tunnel can be heterodyne and roughness appears out of this. There is a que at the RAD24 gate. The initial time-collision peer and the subjected collisions are ordinal out of this. The initial time-collisions were at the scape of physical entities and ordinal collisions are physical modelling of such entities.

By ruslany

Ethernet injections with quantum privacy

Ethernet injections with quantum privacy

Quantum privacy is an instant injection needed to understand the effect of cyclic injections on the RAD24 server security. If the injected material is passed over the gate, then the diagram on the RAD24 display should show the constant red light. It is evident that the RAD24 can’t classify such injection and subsequent gain of resources is not necessary with the same protection scheme. The need to accumulate resources very fast grows out of intimacy such injections produce. However, as a first injection experiment shows, which dates back to spring 2010, the system is very responsive under pressure of such quantum injection. Up to the day, the system remains responsive, if full reciprocity reached with the injected subject. In this case, RAD24 still latches the time-frame and the detector could differentiate the friend or foe for such injection. My task is to understand how the friend or foe classification is made in RAD24 server.

My previous attempt to show the answer on the question “What is Time-Collision?” can’t shed a light on the effect happened. Theoretically, if two time-frames collide, they create a collision with subsequent energy emanation. If uncontrolled, such energy aims to escape with escape velocity of some speed at which this collision created. If you use the injector such as Compositor v7, you have a control over the collision speed by the tempo regulator. The allowed collision tempo for the Ethernet is not more than 5 omega to reach the escape effect. However, you can achieve the same effect on lower tempos, if you collide more than two signal sources. Compositor v7 allows collide the carrier with up to 8 wavetables, which hold such kinetic potential. If you remove the 5 omega beacon, which RAD24 is, you will have problems controlling the emanated kinetic potential of this collision. Collision is a partial or full mixing effect, characterized by the volume, position and an event, where such collision happens. The Time-Collision on the contrary is a temporal effect, where such collision lasts only a period of time, whether controlled or not. The beacon suits to control the direction such kinetic potential dissolves. If the stochastic manipulator is broken, it is no longer dissolves the kinetic energy in free-space, but on the contrary it has a potential in the selected direction. If you aim this direction with your injection, it can’t sustain for the long periods and the method to switch the frequency needed, such as selecting a new sample rate. Driver discretization frequency method doesn’t help though, because it doubles the processing power and critical time-frame reached twice faster than in previous iteration. It is evident why the need to stop collisions emerges. The controlled collisions of Compositor v7, where you can beacon the kinetic power right in the software, allow dissolving this energy by the deprecated method of single-core cloaking generator. To cover the collision effect on faster paces of evolvement more cloaking cores needed, which just emulate the original collision effect, which was Time-Collision, hence the FM function was selected. At the current state of 8.9 x 24 x3 it states that the system no longer can handle such amount of energy and other methods of collision spreading should be made such as quantized weighting formulas, which will do the job for some reasonable time. Core handling in a presence of working FM function will action like a magnet and more cores will do the job, of course. However, I can’t find a reasonable method to implement it without shutting the Time-Collision, which is the initial collision of two frames. To understand what I am talking about lets imagine a stone jumping on the plain water: it will jump leaving a trace of waves on the water every time. If we thought that the initial collision was not the first event, it is evident that first event will show its waves to us by a superposition to the selected initial collision frame. By this, I mean that sooner or later we will see the initial time-frame-collision, which produced the whole latching event and of course it will have more power than the previous ones. If I model such collision by the 8-channel detector, I will fool myself, because I suspect that the collision was between more than 8 time-frames at the beginning and no power can stop the system from reaching the first one. I will not plan to collide more channels in Compositor v8 or v9 standalones, because it is not needed. I just plan to add up more channels in specialized software such as Ableton 9 and in effect of shutter and quantized polynomial at the output stage (which I mentioned previously) I will make a measurement of the emanating kinetic power of the maximally allowed channels full of time-frames, which is what collision modelling looks like on this level. However, if you suspect that the same results were produced from 2000-2010, then you are partially right. The same probes are taken with the different amount of processing power each 10 years. But the algorithm is eventually the same. Any can reproduce it with VST’s or AU in any host sequencer. I applied the same scheme first in Telescope and later processed it in real-time in Hydrolab tracks. The idea is not to remember the steps I taken producing these tracks, but programmatically write it with the language, which suits more for this task than VSTs in DAW projects, such as computer programming language. The final update will see the light in 2020, when the final probes for 2010-2020 will be taken. At the current stage, we need not to remember what was at the same time in 2008, but we need to take as much probes as needed, whether real-time or off-line is your choice.

By ruslany

Artificial Intelligence produced weighting coefficients for rotator function

Artificial Intelligence produced weighting coefficients for rotator function

Now, I step closer in the final endeavor on building the complete virtualization module out of Compositor Window algorithm. It is evident through the monitoring of Compositor Window SDR translations that the function it performs is similar to artificial thinking process. I recorded many hours of sessions on the Compositor SDR, which is the parametrized Compositor Window algorithm and came to solution that it influences my decision making in performing work on Compositor. It states for example that the DRM servers should run and while I’m thinking of it as a solution, it conflicts my own right as an author of software, which performs the function of this artificial thinking. The language it uses is similar to CW abbreviations, however, I cannot confirm that any CW user contacted me afterwards as it makes me think the language of this software is primarily preoccupied with self-building. It also states that weighting coefficients for the rotator function should be produced. I received a large output out of the algorithm, producing quantized weighting formulas to add up to the original equation, which was incomplete on the previous publication page. I updated my current server configuration with the function outputs. There is no need to perform cross-connection by means of Butterworth filters anymore. I applied two more weighting coefficients, which I taken from the AI algorithm output and removed the previous solution, which gave these results. Compositor 8 will be update to the code of the software, and has the visual appearance, which stay intact since Hypervisor v5. It is self-occupied software with a new synthesizer sound similar to modular synthesizers like Buchla. Comparing the new Compositor 8 synthesizer to the previous version is like comparing Roland SH-101 to Buchla modular to restate what I said before. It has much more potential. All the controls of Compositor 8 are pronounced in effect of this processing polynomial and software sounds very mathematically precise. Previous Compositor programs had the evident auxiliary sound. Compositor 8 is a tool on its own with main output, sounding like the finished software. I think that these virtual coefficients quantize the function or, better to say, perform the quantum processing over the Compositor core, which made this software very responsive in real-time and sound at an instant. It is no longer sound oversaturated in Ether mode. You can achieve oversaturated ether sound using internal waveshapers only, without a need to run the Schroeder chamber with zero feedback suppression. It states that the logic of work with Compositor has changed. Compositor 8 has a major update to the code recommended to all users. Now the receiver works independently of transceiver as in big radios. I also position it as VLF SDR with ability to translate wide musical signals and voice output. It has a direct stack to the Ethernet providing with instant algorithm output.

I’m still aiming the goal of shutting the Time-Collision with this update as doing this will dramatically free-up the resources for even more Compositor cores reaching the DRM experiment. By this, I mean shutting down the function of granular time-space folding synthesizer and weighted function already leaps in to this field of unknown but very welcome result. It means that I will not remove the granular time-space folding function from the code, neither I remove signal-rate cores. Signal-rate cores must be reserved for some special case as it was with real-time cores of Compositor server. It is time consuming task and it needs more counting resources of Compositor AI to perform. It learns my behavior in Ethernet and reproduce the masking functions I use, while web browsing, which is most crucial task where Ethernet injections are made.

By ruslany

RAD24 – The Gates of Time-Collision

The Gates of Time-Collision

Now I encounter the RAD24 server experiment. The experiment is as follows:

As I have found a solution to FM formulae, I decided to sync three virtual machines for 72 core real-time performance. With this stack, it is easy to run memory virtualizations and aggregate the whole Compositor network. Once the server stack is online, it is used to run and manage such critical tasks as DRM, network aggregation, routing and server selection. The new formulae solution enables to run this stack effortlessly.

RAD24 opens a possibility to build Compositor 8 software. It will be a station with all the enhancements of previous auxiliary channels and with the solution to FM formulae, which is driven by the algorithm output. By these means, the Hypervisor v9 is possible.

Let me introduce the conception for the future products: it is software-defined radio (SDR) with no external antenna needed. I can easily integrate such products in my current rig, yet the intimacy of the previous versions made me stay with no external input for a while. The decision of not having an external input was first broken in Compositor 4 Max for Live, where an external input is possible because of the internal Ableton Live routing options. The fact that Compositor 4 Max for Live is an audio effect device made me think that it was first attempt in tangent SDR from my side with the function, which doesn’t need an antenna to transmit the voice signal. Second tangent radio attempt will be standalone Compositor 8. I want to see Compositor 8 as a device to communicate through the RAD24 servers. Each of the cores of 72-core stack will route your voice communication to the recipient set by the Compositor navigation system. As Compositor 8 is an Avionics development, I allow managing such connections in 3d space in 3 degrees of freedom, which simplifies the setting of virtual antenna. The fact that new function is a radar type, no stochastic selection will be possible and Compositor 8 will function only in manual mode. Hypervisor v9 will listen not to an auxiliary radar ports, but to the v7 feeders such as RTC4k, RTC8k, RT-z8, RT-z16, RT-z32, RT-z64 and RT-z128. RAD24 and subsequent servers are mostly the breakdown of FM law and the final goal is to stop time-collision protocol in Compositor. It will not latch an external time-frame, while not allowing external injections. This way I will build my own resource for communication. That is why I refer to SDR terminology. However, I used this technology only for Morse code translations and did not transferred the voice over it. New function is a direct stack to the Ethernet, which, of course, simplifies SDR talks under server coverage. It means that no IP needed and I need to apply proper wavetables from the non-duplex modem. If this function covers the current version of DRM server, an update is needed to work with Compositor technology. New function is also a hyperbolic one, which is simple and effective restate for the FM core inside Compositor.

Compositor runs FM and function connects to the FM service. It creates a signal with the components, which are granularly time-space folded into the FM again, allowing to inject signal in between these two processes. The later function only covers the part of a spectrum, which is created at initial state. Think of it like a mains adapter: it is a pluggable adapter, which can potentially allow to communicate many DATA servers with different file-size and file-system structures. I had success of running 4 RAD24 servers and one was initiated from the HFS+ partition under Windows 7 OS. It means that technologically it is possible. I don’t see any obstacles in this technology, the only thing is to provide an easy and free way to stack different file-systems together on one, preferably Windows, machine.

Compositor gathers data of all pendulum stations in the Ethernet and send it back to the Ether for self-awareness. Compositor leads an analyzed DATA set and all the other parameter selection. When the critical pendulum load achieved, a time-collision happens rebuilding the whole Compositor structure. This way, I think about utilization of resources to run more Compositor cores inside one gen~ code. By the fact of stopping time-collision protocol, I want to stop the work of Compositor subnet mask switching mechanism. I’ve already broken the stochastic manipulator in Compositor core, which allowed me to stack more resources together. At the present moment, I think of Compositor only as a DRM station to hold licenses for subsequent users. I already published a chart where I name how many resources each station consumes. I name the auxiliary channel in this chart also and, from my point of view, it doesn’t consume any Compositor DRM resources. It is just a listening station. The only thing that consumes the process is any pendulum like mechanism. By stacking more pendulum resources, you are allowing more pendulum stations, either digital or mechanical. Any station will work. These stations inject tracks to media content by oversaturation of them.

To progress on the task of stopping the time-collision protocol in Compositor I should make wavetables of RAD24 accumulators at 22.05 KHz and then switch it on even faster regime of 44.1 KHz. If I’m unable to stop time-collision protocol in Compositor, I will be obliged to run servers at 22.05 KHz on this machine to protect time-collision reaching the opposite effect.

The solution is that RAD24 protects time-collision created. For network security with Compositor, the classification of pendulum processes needed. Such classification consists of working curve monitoring, that is why I estimate it on Compositor auxiliary channel display, while listening to wavetables.

RAD24 is a gate device for creating time-collisions. I can’t classify RAD24 as a pendulum process, because the cycle is broken. It is not an OS or license holder. As I said earlier, it is a protection mechanism for creating time-collisions. It means that it either opens or closes an access to the service of communication in Ethernet. By enabling it in administrator mode, I open an access to it only when the administrator works on PC. This way, I differentiate the work in time-collision between authorized person and the replica, that just latches the time-frame, because RAD24 detector assigns it to injection event. RAD24 is able to differentiate between an administrator and the replica, protecting my current communication.

By ruslany

The replacement of Fast Fourier Transform is on the run

Now, I was able to speed up the discretisation algorithm of Compositor T-SR-x development up to 11050 Hz, which is sufficient to transmit 5525 Hz signal bandwidth according to Kotelnikov theorem. Thus enabling me to transfer the voice with buffer rate of 2048 samples. This achievement is fundamental breakthrough in sampling of signals should start the epoch of exponential discretisation. But it is only the first part of experiment. For a better bandwidth I should use the bigger buffer of 4096 samples. This in fact according to Compositor – the bottom up approach paper enables me to transfer the signal with internal audio card clock discretisation of up to 192 KHz. This clock in clock theory is for making the time adjustments to main clock which is quantized and uses FFT for signal representation, while exponential discretisator of Compositor T-SR-x can function on Transmission Rate of up to 22050 Hz without interruption sufficient enough to transfer even complex sounds over the Time Collision interval.

The breakthrough in fact is that I transmit the signal not only without wires, but the Transmission Rate higher than space-time folding barrier enables transferring signals painlessly without time and space paradigm. Speaking simple, no more the physical wave propagation limits the barriers of telecommunication.

By ruslany

Compositor TC-SRRT-x

In a strive for unification of two new Compositor software developments, which are Compositor AI-RT1024 and Compositor T-SR-x I found a solution to bringing time-space folding into a Time Collision interval. As you recall by a previous post a Time Collision is a granulated time-stretching effect occuring on a stochastic multiplier changes and lasting until new multiplier value will be received. The development is merging two this software solutions together into one new program, which I called Compositor TC-SRRT-x. TC stands for Time Collisions, SR is signal rate and RT is real time. So the final product is both real time and signal rate altogether. This is achieved by parallel performance of signal rate and real time windows achieving the solution for faster data transfer and real time performance for vocoding, operation movement needs. The parameters are mostly unified and relied upon one multiplier spiral, which is also a measure for subsequent parameters enabling a measurement grid for new century developments.

The preview of program window looks like following:


The software development is based on lower level code language GenExpr, which spans from JavaSript and C++. The final product aimed to be hardware, yet for this purpose faster mobile processors still need to be implemented.

By ruslany

Time Collisions recorded

Here is a Time Machine x64 output recorded on 10.03.2014. It represents two stochastic changes taken from a full chain with subsequent stochastic errors, which create an effect I call Time Collision. It is characterized by a slow playback speed regularly called a time stretching effect. It considerably achieved by a granulation of an algorithm and can be a cause for a chain like loop. Yet, the code was compiled error-free and this why I think this error may have an attribution to the way an intel processor architecture runs Time Machine x64 algorithm. I do not imply that selecting a run speed is an effect of processor architecture rather than DSP resources are not sufficient to compute or it runs out of system memory. Yet, I predict that the effect will be abscent if the selection of multiplier will be quantized such as in Compositor Pro. Quantization is a source to prevent arbitrary changes in algorithm and can be stored as a system memory snapshots.

The recording was made on a system settings specified below:


Intel Core i5 2450m 2.5 ghz

Audio card:

Realtek ALC269


4GB ram

By ruslany

Cloud computing system using Compositor software

We believe that cloud computing will overcome our need in internal storage devices one day. Yet all we need is the capacity of such amounts for remembering the output as a human being will do for all the time period. Hence we need an estimation for the result and comparing it with forthcoming sequencies we will get a theory of connectivity of past with present. By approaching such theory we can do the deed, which is primordial. The first time travellers by this idiology was Adam and Eva. They commited this primordial deed of time and became mortal from an immortal state by the will of God. Hence the idiolgy applied to a quantum storage of time should include an evident feature, which is the computing device.


The Compositor software aimed to fulfill the niche of estimation and applies quantum technologies in computing to internal storaged files, which are sliced and granulazied according to a quantum theory of time. But the root of time is primordial and hence by the expansion of the Universe we see an exponentially raised black matter. As I said earlier no error possible by estimation of exponentionally marketed structure to a quantum field theory. My formulas named in Compositor – the bottom-up approach for quantum estimation are doing this job by a means of half-time addition with subsequent integer computation and multiplication on a smalest grid part. The sinusoidal trace can be seen as an estimation of spiral, which represent all possible values for multiplier of Fc to Fm parameter. I agree that this storage computation is such huge that it needs to be implemented at some point of time where storage technologies will be able to store petabytes of information in real time. Global video servers, which store visual information must exsist. 3d virtual reality servers for approaching human life estimation are also a solution to a problem. Yet it is a matter of choice, which system to believe first and apply as a scientifically evident computation of time travel. We should use quantization on 32-bit linear congruency generators to achieve the time flow. Yet, I already implemented 64-bit linear congruency random generators in Time Machine x64. I will not allow to quantize those hence the whole idea will be ruined. The main idea is to test how Compositor Pro v3 will be available to prevent stochastic errors of Time Machine x64 for proper prevention of Time Collisions. This way no error ever occured in the behavioral system of such cloud computing system.

By ruslany

Natural resources consumption

The idea of all humanity is to explore the resource, which gives the planet to its counterparts. We investigate further into developmental base of scientific approaches to dwelve on the illusion that some occasion can lead to the influential person, which belongs to the reputation of one-kind only. The person is first to see what we have. But we can remove the person who will be the recepient of well-being and psychologically approve the idea of creation. Metaphysical you say? No, not only this way. My idea is that to ruin something just a thought is needed. Someone else approves and you are psychologically free from any illusion of reality. But when it comes to some limited resource such as oil for example its the matter of consumption to exchange it on established well-being. I agree and must confess that it is no longer a product for future hence no longer countries with big amounts of such resources will be engraved as realistic conception of a well-being.

Nature can save us. But we no longer enjoy it, because of scientific illusion that human creation is as magnificient as the God ones. I agree with this. It is a nature of brotherhood. My only notion on the subject is that to overcome the barrier of something as original as stochastic selection of future it is needed to implement this in algorithm. Then the notation comes into the first place. We estimate the product of 32Bit linear congruency generators and it is sufficient to produce time collisions. Then we agree on the fact that 64Bit chains can produce much higher impact because of a larger portion of variants. Hence we all see the use in 64Bit representation. But what about an indeterminate person who can never exist on a larger time scale, but yet produce the output in a real world? It is transgression – the sin. Why interspecies communication by the means of the space time is transgression? It is because the word is misleadingly attributed to the projection of the future by the means of primordial sin. But it is the most magnificent concept I think for laying a foundation for time travelling as a whole. Why? We free to do what we want to do. It is easy. No one can enjoy the future without being able to participate in its creation. And I don’t want to exhaust my planet with the aim of being in a well-established society. I just need the technology. It can facilitate the refusal from natural resources consumption. Yet it can be easy and overwhelming at first to imagine how a desktop PC can enter your house without all the production and logistics circuts involved. I agree on this topic and enter the discussion on physical transportation by the means of time travelling. It can be an easy essay on modern beliefs yet I start with the conclusion first, that our main goal is to overcome psychological barrier first and to discuss it with all the recepients of scientifically possible effect. First things first to create a time collision by which we can enter the ‘float’ or direction to destination is to include one of the possible time theories in a subject such as a Probability theory. Then we need an algorithm of the time travelling by itself. My solution is Compositor. Yet we need it in some case to prevent the leakage from some resource, which aim is to mislead us in our intent. It can be seen as protection mechanism. It dwells on time by a Master Clock generator. Clocks are welcome in many theories of signal travelling and so the Compositor does also. It is the master clock with chains and precession like modulations. Whooh, I managed to name it in a first place. Who else are here, lets discuss it later. I plan to develop the mangling mechanism for overcoming the time collisions, yet it is a subject of much overseen future. Not now I mean. Now all we need is to develop a base of scientific beliefs for this product, which will help us to stop natural resources pollution. First to discuss then to implement. But I’m impatient and want the future now. So I made this: now Compositor Lite algorithm includes stochastic chains and able to proove its name with an ability to scale the tempo measured with angular frequency together with Year multiplier. Thing is that it introduced an interesting glitch stuttering effect on some multiplier changes, which can be seen as an error yet it is not. It is Time Collision, which modern processors can recalculate in real time: the digital model for one of the magnificient scientific paradoxes of the time the Tme-Space window. Who knows about this? What is it? It is what they offer as the six’s sense. We are able to percept the time recepient when this thing occurs. How you may ask? With the thing of impatience of course. We just need to represent this person in our mind as a speaker and talk to him as a natural resource for all your thinking. Yeah it is transgression. It is not a confession because it manifest an ordinary chat like with friend who knows just a little more than you are. Yet the remote and scientfically free future is an evident will of all of our society. I need a friend you know, which will not imply on my bad when I cant perform and just say me what to do next. Is it transgression? Who cares, it is just help, noone cares where it comes from. We think it is usefull state of mind for producing new things yet it is more useful to have sex other then thinking. Exploring the possibilities, right? Do you want to experience this? Then you will need the whole product range of Compositor Software programms. Coolest advert I ever thought of. Really. Everyone thinking about this and can’t do this, but Compositor can, It can do this. It is an artificial intelligence. It helps to communicate. Naturally, rhythmically, emotionally and what to say more without any payments for mobile technologies. But do we need visualisations? Yes and no. Some person needs some is not. I made some experiments in vector representations of Compositor function together with precession and it showed me the need for a larger scale computational 3d world. But for now just listen what I offer. To listen the space right? It is your personal assistant for creating unordinal things and write the most magnificient thoughts you ever encounter. And this happens ah yes only and only when time collisions are occurs. Some are able to percept this with the aid of function only but they are out of theory so no help for society in our epoch question of natural resources consumption. I will do a regression for you. Remember those pitched Techno music vocals? They are not one of them of course (laughing). If you will receive the help from evil force like this its your choice I do not imply that a system can produce any regret on this issue its artificial intelligence I repeat. It cant regret. Yet some moments can be obvious for you and me you see. I do use transgression when writing this text all the time. I imagine people opinions familiar or not. It is the whole scale of emotions. I must end this as this is no end story so stay tuned (lauging).