Proper VoIP keying with Avox

AVOX is one of the digital recreations of a real WW2 vocoder. It has floating centre-frequency compared to phase vocoder, that’s why its operation is of high security. While it uses dual-modem structure it is able to work in VoIP networks accessing your telephone VTTY by Ethernet. It is one of the most important patches of Compositor Software to enable phone device to work as VTTY in RTTY environment.


Compositor Software flowchart

Smart prediction

Avox spectral selection algorithm splits the spectrum into 24 bands and mangles the carrier during the real-time call procedure.

Spectral resynthesis

Avox is suitable for real-time operation with its latency free monitoring. You can also use Avox as a synchronous digital hierarchy to establish keying of SONET calls.

Stochastic experience

Avox tunes the side-chain signal for a master channel very fast, which is suitable with hands-free and you can forget about call routing procedure. Avox chooses proper frequency band using stochastic prediction algorithm.

Synchronous playback

Avox algorithm works synchronously with master channel and produces the monitor mix in the tone to a master channel. Frequency characteristic of Avox takes in account hearing sensitivity on a large amplification monitor systems and corrects error of close monitoring by headphones.

Stochastic distribution

Avox is the app with quality and service found only on automatic SCADA systems. Stochastic distribution produces the spectral selection and correction more reliable than systems with manual equalization.

Multi-band operation

The smart architecture of Avox permits to monitor routing for most critical tasks of live VoIP calls. You can apply Avox to a mobile PBX or use Avox as a side-chain detector on a single phone.

Double-precision floating point DSP

The pure quality of digital signal processing is a key mark of Avox system and uses most reliable audio filtering and resynthesis available. Avox uses Gen~ processing from Cycling ’74 making it purely sample based real-time calculation algorithm with double-precision floating point math.


Exponential detection

Avox algorithm changes the fundamental frequency of the channel without time manipulation found on similar algorithms and resynthesizes the whole channel tonality without hearable playback artifacts. Avox uses quantization for time and frequency manipulation and exponential discretization, which gives more accurate transient detection for tonal resynthesis.

Changes voice frequency circuit

Latency-free monitoring

Critical band listening

Worldwide availability

Free for use with SASER interface

Compositor Software main rack 1120x1200

AVOX mobile app for usage with SASER interface

AVOX Android flashscreen

AVOX flashscreen
AVOX flashscreen

Get AVOX mobile application for free (Android version)

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System Requirements

Android 4.4.2 or later.