By ruslany

Ableton Live 11 support

Ableton Live 11 support

Ableton Live 11 supported by mostly all Compositor Software products. On the image below, you can see the chart of all Web Shop products supported by Ableton Live 11.0 initial version.

Live 11 status 25-02-2021

Even MDL12 v1.2.1 with feedback suppression works as a charm. Ping locates servers, multiplier changes, resynthesis happens, infinite closed-loop works. Compositor Max for Live on the same hand has a full control with zero feedback suppression. In version 1.0.7 every parameter works as expected. AI-RT1024, FF8, N9000, TC25 work in auto mode. Manual mode can be adjusted only if operator allows this. Compositor 4 Max for Live works fully and allows changing z parameter. Signal synthesis sounds better due to proper master filter realization. SASER v1.1.3 works properly with feedback suppression and sample & hold on lower frequencies compared to previous Max versions.

Overall, proper realization of programmed algorithm happened in Max 8.1.9 and Ableton Live 11. The perception of time shifts, when SASER sample & holds the signal and you can change the multiplier manually to have an instant change of the sound. It is a breakthrough for ~Gen based Compositor Software instruments because they are programmed generically with aim of long-term compatibility.