Compositor NTP - Odometric Metronome

Compositor NTP is a single solution for metronome and Ethernet education. It is a real-time device, which uses physical modeling as a source for NTP synchronous signal. Using the iOS version you can transform your iPhone into rhythm modeling station. You can adjust parameters visible on the screen using menus, dials and virtual keyboard. All of the dials smoothly interpolate for click-free performance. Compositor NTP is your entry point into the world of Ethernet communications. It dynamically updates the sound engine in accordance to IP address settings for three loopback channels. You can set a test packet for your NTP selection.

Compositor NTP

C++ coding

Compositor NTP is an instrument that uses upper-level C++ programming, which makes it available as a pure 64-bit DSP application for iOS and Android. It is made using the newest Apple M1 platform workstation, which means it will be updated and maintained for future OS releases.

DSP sound synthesis

Compositor NTP uses Astra-navigation odometry to connect your device to a network. It’s only use except of musical value is for providing the network time code to your device. So in case your device is running out of battery life it can sustain a work of internal time engine and sync it to time server without need of internet connection. You set your time only once and then run Internet-free for ages.

Compositor NTP demo video

Ethernet solution for network metronome

Compositor NTP is a Network Time Protocol for all Compositor devices. You can use it on iOS and Android platform to synchronize machines to Compositor autonomous mobile servers. It uses v12 physical engine simulation to run an algorithm for real-time performance of iPhone, iPad and other phones and tablets.

Physics synth

Lambda and Omega

Compositor uses Greek alphabet letters Omega and Lambda to set main parameters. Omega is used to set a project bpm. For example, you can sync in your favorite music with Compositor using this control. Lambda is used to set a projects tonality. So you can set Compositor in a tone to any performance you like.

Natal chart

Month and Constellation

With the use of Compositor you can set a Natal chart of preset Constellations and a month of Compositor year cycle. There are 16 constellations each of them changes the sound rhythmic and tonal pattern. Month can permutate the internal engine of Compositor and is suitable for syncing with Epoch J2000 constellations.

Planets selection


Compositor uses an abstraction that each prominent object in the Solar System is a planet. So you can select 12 available objects from the dropdown menu. They are also set UTC time codes suitable for three zones of triangulation.

Ethernet packets loopback

Loopback parameters

Loopback is a main section for Ethernet communication. There are three loopback channels in Compositor NTP. You can set such parameters as packet and bootstrap router for forwarding this packets back to your device Ethernet input. There is no need in 8P8C connector – Compositor NTP emulates any kind of twisted pair and optical ports available.

GRE and multicast

GRE and multicast

Compositor NTP uses Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) multicast for setting a tunnel to time code generator of your machine. It can slow down it in case of GRE turned on and is a main parameter together with 4th octet of multicast IP-address to set a clock in your system.

Angular velocity

Angular velocity and spacing

You can think of lowest section of an app as a telescope. It has convenient Angular momentum controls for channel spacing and Angular velocity of a simulated object. It is also a simulator of the 4th loopback channel suitable for enhancing Compositor NTP overall sound.

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System Requirements

Compositor NTP for iPhone and iPad: iOS 16.2 or higher, iPadOS 16.2 or higher, macOS 13.1 or higher.

Compositor NTP for Android Phones and Tablets: Android 10 or higher.

iOS Standalone: Apple M1 machine running macOS 11.0 and higher.