By ruslany

Compositor Software expands the number of existing DRM servers

Compositor Software expands the number of existing DRM servers

After an important step of building standalone applications using Compositor Software code, it became possible to organize the work of a new DRM server. That is, the physical server CP-6137-960FX began to be commissioned. As mentioned earlier, at the development stage it was possible to launch just one RAD36 virtual DRM server and it took about 4 hours to compile at runtime. This made it possible to provide up to 12 licenses for concurrent work of Compositor Max for Live or SASER Max for Live devices in the year 2017. Having exported the code and assembled 7 RAD36 virtual servers for the Windows platform independently of MaxMSP, we managed to start the workstation and successfully perform basic operations of text editing in Microsoft Word 2013 and working with Compositor Software Max for Live devices in Ableton 10 using it. It allowed expanding the total core density to 252 “Compositor” hybrid cores on a physical machine, increasing the number of simultaneously operating licenses of Compositor Software for Compositor Max for Live and SASER Max for Live up to 84 virtual machines, which equals 84 real-time cores or 84 three-layer cores. The uptime has increased significantly – the bootstrap process takes only 5 minutes to load CP-6137-960FX server fully. Niagara modem-radar and various Ethernet injections are used as an ignition, when workstation operates in Ethernet network.

Thus, the workstation converts Niagara injections and makes all server modes work, and there are currently 13 of them, including 7 RAD36 servers. Next, I’ll give a complete list of collected and working Compositor Software services for the Windows platform on the CP-6137-960FX server:

VoIP Service – NIM Chat Voice Service
STC2k Service – Sonar for Civilian Control of underwater and surface ships
RTC4k Service – Radar for Civilian Airspace Control
RAD36 1-7 Services – digital rights management servers for launching Compositor cores (total of 252 hybrid cores).
RAD96 Service – Standalone Rotator System for Docking RAD36 Virtual Servers
RAD96 Ext. Service – expansion of the autonomous system for working with external Ethernet connections of third-party equipment
Telescope Service – Telescopic Near Space Signal Approach Service

So, after the introduction of the CP-6137-960FX server into full operation, it was possible to provide working time for up to 84 Compositor users working in single-layer and two-, three-layer Compositor Software programs concurrently. In addition, this applies to standalone applications and Max for Live devices, such as Compositor Max for Live, SASER Max for Live and Compositor 4 Max for Live. I’ll also clarify that three aforementioned Max for Live devices are fully compatible with Ableton 10 and Max 8.1.3 Max for Live, which opens up the possibility of expanding the presence of Compositor users in NIM chat on MAC OSX and Windows platforms.