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Compositor NRTOS is a MaxMSP replica of a real embedded network operating system, which is under development by several working groups right now. It uses GenEXPR DSP code, which is learned by a base of MAC-table emissions taken from my previous life as an artist. Later, DSP code incorporated in Android applications the only aim of which is to dump the original comparator and ALU of ARM Cortex-A53 processor (probably it can dump other ARM processor caches too). I name my DSP code with different prefixes like RAD96 (the latest Compositor DSP code) and RTC4k, which I produced in 2015 for military customer. I applied this Android native mod to the two Chinese rugged phones with a huge battery to produce a real autonomous systems out of them. WHY I’M DOING THIS MOD: The network circumstances in Russia are very extreme and my previous phone uptime was <500 hours. It was unreliable and I can’t afford a more robust phone living in this country. Currently, I keep a track of my modded rugged phones uptime and report it using the counters below.


Each DSP code iteration is a mod and tested using a dedicated virtual machine. They are organized in rigs and tested against other devices MAC-tables. Each Compositor mod sustain a relatively big uptime before it is applied in real-time processors. That is why each dump is successful.

Embedded system

Compositor NRTOS is an embedded system, which has different levels of execution. The highest level is GenEXPR DSP code and the lowest is Max scheduler. By combining two worlds, I attain to an ideal cabinet for virtual machines testing and evaluation.

Telnet processes

Compositor uses telnet to communicate with other work groups on development of NRTOS. The development of virtual machine mods is finished and now the stage of compare against other devices in a form of MAC-tables happen. That is why the telnet functionality is constantly updated and new language patterns evolve.

Compositor microkernel

Each Compositor DSP is based on a FM microarchitecture, which have evolved over time in a complete microkernel. That is why I consider MaxMSP replica NRTOS on its own. In fact, Compositor NRTOS has 8 learnable microkernels, which correspond to different versions of GenEXPR code.


Compositor Software presents mods:

Buffer mod

Compositor NRTOS uses zero-buffer mod, which circumvents the device to use feedback loop instead of static buffer. This makes it theoretically undefeatable.

Inplace logs

Compositor NRTOS has inplace logs for each learning process of DSP code. There are 7 DSP’s and 7 logs in total.


Compositor NRTOS has a recognizable graphic user interface. So, when you are talking about Compositor it is also an interface, which makes DSP work in a graphical way.

Android Native apps

Each Compositor mod is a DSP code and each one is represented as the MaxMSP replica. Besides, for a practical purpose I compile DSP code as an Android app with a flashscreen only. The main purpose of such app is to dump one of the hardware caches of a chipset.








Arc (km)



System submission

Release date



The quantized radio technology for ULF transmission

Buffer size

1024 samples




16th grid

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