Notification to users of software products of Compositor Software

Notification to users of software products of Compositor Software.

Dear users, as you already know, the final Compositor Software application called SASER 2.0 has been on sale for a year. However, this is not the second version of this program. History goes far back in time. And it all starts with a geography lesson in 1996 by Ruslan Yusipov, a student of 7 B class. For this lesson, Ruslan prepared a report using the license CD-disc of the Microsoft Encarta encyclopedia. The report was about the dynamics of the eagle’s flight. Which was the basis for the name of his Eagle Dynamics simulator project. The name is the author’s intellectual property of Ruslan Mansurovich Yusipov. The first 3D engine Ruslan developed on the Elektonika computer for the game “Dolphin” at the age of 9. Further, under the pressure of circumstances (exploitation of child labor), Ruslan was forced to remake the game into a flight simulator within the computer cabinet of the boarding school №37. We have no information that someone helped him in this project. The authorship of the first simulator of Eagle Dynamics Flanker 1.0 belongs to Ruslan Yusipov. This simulator was developed in Basic 4.0 and rewritten into the C language by a student of the 9th grade, Evgeny Rodionov.

Flanker 2.0
Flanker 2.0

By deprivation with guardianship rights and general power of attorney, this program (Flanker 1.0, for Ruslan it was called Flapper 1.0 – after the name of his greatest pride: programming the flaps) was seized from Ruslan Yusipov along with the name of the project (which later became the name of the company of 3rd party).

At the age of 15, Ruslan Yusipov made the first attempt to obtain the lost right to his simulator by making the SASER 1.0 program. It appeared in 1999 with an interface exactly the same as the current SASER 2.0. However, SASER 2.0 should have been called the 2016 program SASER Max for Live, as this was his second attempt to obtain the rights to his simulator. Both the first and second attempts failed. At the age of 16 it was ended in a deadly beating, and in 2016 already in a full-fledged gangster showdown. SASER 2.0 on iOS and Android is the 3rd version of SASER and the 2nd from Compositor Software.

In the fall of 2023, Ruslan Yusipov made many inquiries about the current situation with the rights on his simulator via the teletype network. To which the established persons abused him by beating in the toilet of the Moscow’s Rudnevo Technopark. Which led to Ruslan’s father death at the age of 77.

Since this situation is force majeure, I take the entire pool of Compositor Software products on the MaxMSP platform from circulation. Teletype communication, downloading and executing of the programs from now on is illegal, which will track my new DRM server on the Android platform. Supported products are only Compositor NTP 2.0 and SASER 2.0 for Android and iOS platforms, links to which you will find below:

SASER 2.0 for iOS

SASER 2.0 for Android

Compositor NTP for iOS

Compositor NTP for Android

P.S. Ruslan Yusipov also supports the free generic programs on Android platform such as RTC4k, SAS24P3L, AVOX and RAD96.