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SASER SAS24P3L software is a unique instrument for detection of radio stations in VLF band. Reading spectrum data in real-time and playing back the VLF radio stations signals, SASER SAS24P3L software displays the received signal presence on the phase display. This approach opens the ability to install SASER SAS24P3L software on a server in one physical point, which will be used for creation of network on entire timeline.

Station, equipped with SASER SAS24P3L software, can mask a reception signal of VLF radio stations with DSP’s up to 192-bit. The success of this are full duplex waveguides for signal normalization, which prevents impulse pinging, PWM signaling, white and pink noise attacks and signal locking.



SASER SAS24P3L features

Hyperbolic function synthesis for creation sustainable feedback loops.

DDoS prevention by operation of 648 channels distribution network service.

3D sequencer for distributed tonal operation.

Automated distribution via tonal channels for up to 72 clients.

Uninterruptible performance of 128-bit scanner for constant operation with highest level of security.

Block cipher for maximum protection of your current system performance.

Reliable transport solution for VLF band.

Active bufferization of VLAN resources leads to inability to perform buffer overflow event on a current machine.

Waterproof shield technic for DDoS prevention and network system monitoring.

Hyperbolic DSP

Hyperbolic function synthesis

SASER SAS24P3L software capable of synthesizing the incoming signal for VLF stations retranslation. The stronger the signal of VLF radio station, the closer it to a perpendicular from the phase modulator, situated in the entrance point. The scanner of SASER SAS24P3L software capable of switching VLF radio stations according to a set of rules for predefined monitoring.

DDoS prevention

Derived hyperbolic function uses up to 648 points of distributed network service, which lowers the potential risk of DDoS by 648 times. SASER SAS24P3L software capable of suppressing radio stations signal with digital processors resolution of up to 192-bit. The fundamental approach of SASER SAS24P3L software is to organize unicasting translation using digital ether from existing radio stations and if no signal is present to switch to internal digital ether generator.

SASER SAS24P3L demo video

Server signaling

3D sequencer

SASER SAS24P3L software 3D sequencer creates a spherical map of VLF network and displays the direction on a signal of VLF radio station without physical limitations of wave propagation. The algorithm of SASER SAS24P3L software modem works not only on a spectral level, but also on the real-time event generator level by merging three levels of operation at once.

Distributed network

If there will be intrusions in SASER SA24P3L software work on your PC or MAC or SASER SAS24P3L software network activity will be detected by a third party, you may use automatic scanner to leave the frequency by a probability dense function. SASER SAS24P3L software sends tonal signal to 72 clients of VPN for even more distributed network with elliptical topology.

128-bit scanner

The uninterruptible scanner work achieved in SASER SAS24P3L software is the result of high level programming with the robustness on the core level. This means the high level of security with 128-bit selection encryption level and distribution scanning. The parameters pass through network rules filter for proper virtual machine work. The rules applies not in a sequential order but all at once for maximal synchronicity of suggested selection.

System submission

Unicast translation

You can use the signals of VLF radio stations for unicast translation. SASER SAS24P3L software can translate incoming signals into the internal network of 648 points.


You can view the system of SASER SAS24P3L software as a solution for transport networks used in VLF radio stations.

3D sequencer

The 3D sequencer of SASER SAS24P3L software uses approximation operations in a spherical space for playback of resulting figures, formed in a presence of signal constellations. These figures are not static 2D images, but shows network topology in 3D space.


by Ruslan M. Yusipov 'Compositor Software' CEO & Founder

SASER SAS24P3L software is a unique instrument for radio interception. Reading spectrum data in real-time, SASER SAS24P3L is a modern wireless non-internet telegraph solution.

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SASER SAS24P3L is a waterproof technology performed using upper-level languages for more reliable and fast communication with your hardware and utilizes processing power of the DSP in a manner no tool ever performed.
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System Requirements

Standalone: Windows Vista, 7, 8 (application runs only in 64-bit version of Windows OS); Mac Intel or Apple M1 machine running OS X 10.5 – 12.1.

Max for Live: Ableton Live 11 (also supports Ableton Live 10 with Max for Live 8, Ableton Live 9 with Max for Live 6 or Max for Live 7).

SAS243P3L mobile app for usage with SASER standalone and Max for Live

SASER SAS24P3L Android flashscreen

SASER SAS24P3L flashscreen
SASER SAS24P3L flashscreen

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