Compositor Pro 2 Review – Groovebox and synthesizer for techno music

Being a solution to many stability issues on the modern music software market Compositor Pro 2 stands in a row with high demanding products of world-renowned product firms. Since the original release of Compositor Pro 2 the stability of the software proven by countless tests on Mac OS X and Windows systems. That is why Compositor Pro 2 is a server class software for live techno music performance. Compositor Pro 2 includes 7 main blocks for techno music production with authentic sound of Detroit techno. You may control the instrument, using the probability density functions for parameter selections. Midi-learn function makes Compositor Pro 2 a standalone solution for live techno music performance. Granular synthesis sampler, slicer, authentic organ with tunable waveguides, rhythm combinations for drum kit and bass sounds, next track selection algorithm, pristine clear reverberation and presets section make Compositor Pro 2 an ideal solution for the market of techno music production.

More than a quarter of the century passed since the time The Belleville Three promoted a new type of techno music performance in the club culture of Detroit techno scene. The main difference of such performance was the fast switching from one vinyl deck to another. Dropping tracks in the fast switching manner made mixing a complicated task. Compositor Pro 2 takes in account this method and continues the idea with automatic track switching algorithm. The switch performed instantly without mixing phase. It is worth mentioning that automatic track switching performed in familiar way to real human being behavior. Compositor Pro 2 performs music as if a real DJ selects and crossfades tracks at the same time.

Detroit techno pioneers achieved maximum synchronicity of track switching in their DJ sets and their performances lasted for several hours. The server work level of Compositor Pro 2 implies switching of settings in broad spectrum of predefined parameters. The quantity of tracks created this way reaches 65536 tracks making it enough for 72 hours of uninterruptable music playback. Performing the Funk style, Detroit musicians aspired to reach the precision and speed of performance, which is achieved only by machine played music. All the instruments in Compositor Pro 2 match the conception of live techno band. First, Compositor Pro 2 is the real-time groovebox and synthesizer, which helps to establish a live performance using minimalist setup. Second, all Compositor Pro 2 instruments stay in sync for the whole performance synchronized by the master clock generator. Third, instrumental parts selected specially for Detroit techno style and have Funk music groove precision.

Exponential music grid of Compositor Pro 2 sounds more realistic, excluding the coincidence with other techno music tracks. Compositor Pro 2 package includes free sample library of 24 sounds for slicer, 12 clap sounds, 12 snare sounds and 31 hat sound.

Compositor Pro 2 is a server class software

The quantity of tracks created this way reaches 65536 tracks making it enough for 72 hours of uninterruptable music playback.

Features overview

Granular effects

Compositor Pro 2 has two granular systems: slicer and clap sound stretching fx. Slicer playbacks small pieces of long samples as grains. Clap sound stretching fx may change sample length and create the metal tone sounds. Phase effect with high feedback value is one of the most popular techno DJ’s effects, which you may apply for enhancing your mix. This effect is available on clap and snare sound sampler.


Slicer splits the long sounds on grains in accordance to basic rudimentary principle of march music. Such rhythm may change using playback multiplier, which changes the slicer main sequence and the organ part sequence. You may choose sounds for the slicer from menu and load your own samples from a folder. Slicer parameters allow switching grain playback from linear to curve with changeable slope. Slicer is a popular techno effect and brings the authentic techno sound to Compositor Pro 2.


Compositor Pro 2 has a physical modeling organ, which sounds like in authentic Detroit techno music. In Compositor Pro 2 the original organ parts are synthesized. You can change their sound in a mix using tunable waveguides. Using waveguide modules of organ you can change the pitch of each note separately and change the tube resonance in accordance to selected note. Such approach brings wide and clear sound of organ to the mix.

Rhythm section combinations

In Compositor Pro 2 there are 16 rhythm combinations for bass and drum kit. These combinations selected in accordance with most popular rhythmic patterns of techno music. In combinations menu you can find syncopated bass patterns and popular four-to-the-floor rhythms. Several half-time rhythms with different bass lines are available. You can tune the pitch of drum kit sampler modules for both snare and hat. The kick drum instrument has a full editor with amplitude and harmonics envelope. Compositor Pro 2 bass instrument is a one-voice sinusoidal oscillator with tweakable envelope and pitch tuning.

Automatic track switching algorithm

Automatic track switching algorithm used for simultaneous switching of all parameters forming Compositor Pro 2 sound. You can also use very rare random function time predictor for next track switching. Using it you can visualize when there will be the next automatic switch of stochastic algorithm. This algorithm works with one-second precision and takes in account pauses when audio engine is off.


There is reverberator send effect in Compositor Pro 2 mixer, which can enhance the signal of instruments where auxiliary send function is available. This reverberator has a very precise and clear simulation of different room sounds. Reverberator damping effect allows controlling high frequency components of reverberation signal.

Presets section

You can create one-bar techno loops using Compositor Pro 2 and switch between them in real-time using 16 preset locations. Presets section realized in authentic design reminds Roland rhythm-machines. In contrast with Roland preset sections design, you have an opportunity to interpolate between two presets. You can store preset banks on your hard drive in .json format.


The described 7 modules of Compositor Pro 2 groovebox and synthesizer are indispensable helpers in studio work and in live performance situation. The ReWire function allows integration with another DAW’s, this way Compositor Pro 2 can enhance every studio setup.