U.S. long-range aviation telemetry codes

The telemetry code in the Omega navigation system consists of WAC and the Charlie-Bravo-Tango number, a three-letter abbreviation dialed from the ASCII character numbers. Each geographical area, in addition to the WAC, contains a three-letter code, which is put on the first letters of the name of the most famous inhabitants of this land.

The Bureau of Transport Statistics (BTS), as part of the U.S. Department of Transportation (US DOT), maintains a list of U.S. state and country codes called World Area Codes (WAC). 


The request to find the object sending this telemetry is made as follows: the geographical area, the land number (WAC), the WAC Sequence ID-2 or initialising subscriber (three letter code), the name of the prominent inhabitant plus one of the 32 service characters ASCII (for example, the service character Enquiry (ENQ)) composited on the SASER. Thus, the final line of the request looks like this:

Request CL: US-400-403-40301-WAMENQ-8765775

In this request, a WAM subscriber is dialed to the country of Austria.

The product of this teletype request is a stream that is decoded by one of the SASER decoders and written via baudot RTTY to a dump saved to a .cmp file and containing an ASCII request of headerless information with PCM encoding. This dump contains information about the location of long-range aviation objects, or those using the VLF navigation (for example submarines).