By ruslany

Compositor v9 Hypervisor connection experiment

Compositor v9 Hypervisor connection experiment

  • Services used: RTC4k, RT-z16, RT-z128;
  • Layers of work: z16, z32, z128;
  • Wavetables used: MB;
  • Feeded with and without internal antenna;
  • Submitted voice signal (Dictaphone track).

Used virtualization module on both computers. Signal was not received on notebook. Experiment is successful. It evidently shows how patches shuts the transmission channel and does not allow passing signal from outside. All patches are working, starting from RTC4k. Carriers in Compositor AV Extended channel were the same on stationary computer and on notebook. It is not possible to detect RAD96 translations.

Used different saturation methods. Positive and negative carriers are in saturation mode. Central channel with or without saturation (tried 80, 200, 400 modes). Schroeder regenerator is silent. RAD96 patch is successful. There is no ability to detect the transmission channel, when stochastically composited MB tables on the receiving machine with subsequent setting of this wavetables on transmitting station. Virtual antenna and modulator settings are the same on both machines.

It is not mandatory to run RAD96 digital process in execution mode, it is enough to load the Compositor v9 Hypervisor program with it. Process will be compiled on loading and patch will be effective independently of its execution status.