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Compositor v3

Compositor v3 rack is a unity of real-time digital signal processors. Signal generators under control of tempo independent RTC8k arranger allow controlling SASER channel for achieving artistic effects and original compositions. Devices, controlling using RTC8k, may lead with their own loop-chain generators leaving the swarm. It helps to create multilevel compositions with direct and parallel loop switching.


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Compositor v3 made in the familiar modular style. Now signal components are four generators AI-RT1024, FF8, N9000, TC25, which may be routed to the SASER digital signal processor input. Combining with tempo independent sequencer RTC8k in the loop mode, signal generators may work as servers, which allow making live audio installations and performing over the generated sound. Using the ReWire technology you can synchronize signal generators sequencers to your favorite DAW tempo. RTC8k arranger allows changing composition structure on the fly. Linked generators choose the pattern in accordance with the RTC8k sequencer value. Patterns are chosen not using the buttons as in conventional step sequencers, but using frequency dial and predefined for correct work of generating function. Compositor v3 devices are the virtual equivalents of real rack devices and made in 19” form-factor of 1U and 2U height.

Compositor v3 Features

6 programs in 1

Compositor v3 Hypervisor Radio Shack includes 4 algorithmic composition programs, SAER SDR and RTC8k virtual arranger. Four signal generators AI-RT1024, FF8, N9000, TC25 may work under control of RTC8k virtual arranger or independently. Each program has its own tuning of the signal chain in order to complement each other in the mix. Four signal generators may be routed in SASER auxiliary channel for controlling the tuning of regenerative digital delay line of the device.

Cross platform licenses

5 out of 6 programs have cross platform licenses both Compositor v3 and Max for Live. Such approach provides availability of Compositor v3 modules in standalone application and Ableton Live as Max for Live devices. RTC8k is an exclusive module for Compositor v3 platform. SASER SDR has auxiliary input only in Compositor v3 standalone version.

Two types of feeders

Compositor v3 has 2 real-time feeders (AI-RT1024 and N9000) and 2 signal-rate feeders (TC25 and FF8). The complexity of signal generators performance is compensated with an ease of control. Loops of all signal generators are switched using bus multiplier dial. All feeders are routed to SASER SDR master bus via auxiliary channel.

Special SASER SAS24P3L version

The auxiliary input for feeders of SASER SAS24P3L special version provides external control over device regenerative chain. Using the frequency tunings of main feeders SASER can retune the frequency of all its internal buses at once. These buses are: original bus (FM modulation), secondary bus (16,97 kHz to 44,1 kHz) and oversampling bus (139 MHz to 361 MHz). All buses can transmit and receive signal.

Link mode for long-chain generative arrangements

Using the RTC8k virtual arranger, control feeders can build long chains of control signals for SASER SAS24P3L tuning. Signal generators build chains in accordance with RTC8k intonation, which inherited by Compositor v3 rack feeders. It gives an opportunity to produce patterns on the signal-rate frequency and using a full spectrum of feeder-bus channels creating interesting signal arpeggios.

Snapshot of every parameter

Compositor v3 has an ability to store the values of each controller of the software into the preset and write it to a bank of presets. Presets can be recalled, returning the devices state to the saved values. Banks are written in .json format, which gives an opportunity to visualize preset values in text editors.

One-window appearance

Rack realization in Compositor v3 gives an opportunity of multichannel performance in vertical-rack-horizontal-layers constellation. Compositor v3 rack depends on virtual devices tuning, which are the components of the program and are independent Max for Live devices with internal automatic arrangers. Visual panels of devices do not include odd controllers allowing tuning the sound you searched for in seconds.

Digital recorder

Compositor v3 has a function of digital recorder. Its display allows setting time of recording and visualizes the process. The recorder supports WAV and AIFF file formats up to 64-bit floating point precision.

Virtual arranger mode

Each of the four signal generators contains the button for enabling/disabling of the virtual arranger mode. RTC8k is an automatic device and works tempo independently from the whole rack. Using automatic mode in opposite to linking, gives an opportunity to build loop-chains of signal generators independently from other devices in the rack.

Digital mixer with overload indicator and dB values

Compositor v3 mixer includes channel-by-channel presentation for all devices of virtual rack. Each mixer channel includes digital signal meter with values in dB and values for digital fader in dB, overload indicator with color coding and enabling/disabling of devices to manage CPU resources consumption. Feeder channels include send presentation option to route signal in SASER auxiliary channel.

Compositor v3 - Hypervisor Radio Shack demo

Compositor v3 is a digital rack of virtual machines for sound generation. These machines can work in link mode with RTC8k virtual arranger and using the internal loop-switching module. Virtual arranger switches Compositor v3 loops and constitutes block generator with 64-bit chain length. It gives 2 ^ 64 variants of loops switching in real time. Compositor v3 loops selected in accordance with individual tuning of signal generator chains and may be tuned in manual mode. Each of signal generators has its own arranger and can leave the swarm of other generators. There is an opportunity to switch between automatic and manual loop selection of signal generators.

Compositor v3 Screenshots

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Compositor v3 Hypervisor Radio Shack (6-in-1)
Compositor v3 Hypervisor Radio Shack (6-in-1)
Compositor v3 Hypervisor Radio Shack (6-in-1). Purchase includes SASER SAS24P3L, RTC8k, AI-RT1024, FF8, N9000, TC25 licenses. 5 out of 6 devices have cross platform licenses (Compositor v3 and Max for Live). 6th device (RTC8k) and its license comes with Compositor v3 Hypervisor Radio Shack install file. Please, send an inquiry to after purchase if you need the Compositor v3 Mac files.
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System Requirements

Windows Vista, 7, 8 (64-bit only); Mac Intel machine running OS X 10.5 or later; an OpenGL-compatible graphics card, OpenGL 1.4 or later.

Version History


Compositor version history

Compositor version 3.0.3 built on 02.05.2020

– Protocols implementation:

RTC8k = IS-IS Level-2
FF8 = ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)
TC25 = VLAN (IEEE 802.1aq)

– Hierarchies added:

AI-RT1024 = SDH STM-x
N9000 = PDH E1

– TCP/IP implemented
– TCP/IP window added
– EUI48 table added
– BPM is now Network parameter
– 8192 networks for IPv6 inclusion
– All modules renamed to reflect new functionality

Compositor version 3.0.2 built on 08.12.2017

New features:

– Full screen mode
– SASER SAS24P3L Acelleration parameter extended to 5000 omega

Bug fixes:

– Link mode buttons properly trigger the interface
– Auto mode is off by default for link mode to be active on program load

For bugs report e-mail to stating the issue and a way to reproduce it.