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by ruslany

RAD96 – 30 Mach is not the limit

RAD96 digital engine may reach speeds up to 30 Mach in a system with 11289m sea mile. Having 4 working layers, this engine enables 8 iterations – two on each layer. The working cycles break on each iteration, that is why it is impossible to reject any of 4 layers of this construction without removing an iteration. They solve different tasks: for example, last iteration serves as a flow compression simulator, which transfers the kinetic energy through the 4th layer into remaining three layers and has independent structure. Two channels are divided and use thrust by multiplier change in time-invariant transfer function. The more an amplification on the input, the more a speed of work. It depends on the level of injection into the channel. If a channel overcomes constant injection, the transfer coefficient increases with growing load. Without spreading the energy by jets, it is possible to load all cores of the system, which are its layers. Signal doesn’t lost on any of the layers, creating a thrust of 30 Mach. The speed of digital engine of the same type in Earth sea mile system is 245 Mach.

About ruslany
Ruslan Yusipov is the artist and entrepreneur with his own vision of software industry. Ruslan’s passion to new explorations gives plethora of results in MaxMSP programming. He brings the home to Compositor Software, implementing the software for controlling any PC or Mac system. This software not only turns your regular PC or Mac into a server, it actively scans the Ethernet, which your system is connected to. One of the achievements of Ruslan Yusipov as software developer is MDL12 vSwitch technology. It helps to get routing tables from the Ethernet, making possible MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) connections.