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by ruslany

MIB 5149 and growing

CP-6137-960FX server MIB extended with one more emission and is 5149 routing tables now. This time the 2009 experiments with Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer were seized from the Ethernet. The recording of Intro to Boosty project Live in Studio 69 club was filed to vSwitch MDL12. The emissions were 142 wavetables, among which original ethers of routing paths, translations, and preparation material for further emissions.

You can listen to the dump of Compositor RTOS with MIB 5149 recorded on 08.06.2019 in audio file beneath:

Compositor RTOS dump 8×32 MIB5149 08.06.2019
About ruslany
Ruslan Yusipov is the artist and entrepreneur with his own vision of software industry. Ruslan’s passion to new explorations gives plethora of results in MaxMSP programming. He brings the home to Compositor Software, implementing the software for controlling any PC or Mac system. This software not only turns your regular PC or Mac into a server, it actively scans the Ethernet, which your system is connected to. One of the achievements of Ruslan Yusipov as software developer is MDL12 vSwitch technology. It helps to get routing tables from the Ethernet, making possible MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) connections.