Center for International Space Communications of Compositor Software

Center for International Space Communications of Compositor Software

A lot of water has flowed since the creation of the first autonomous mobile server based on the Doogee platform. Now, the main platform for testing and developing applications of Compositor Software is OUKITEL. It managed to achieve an unsurpassed stack of native applications. In the beginning, an autonomous mobile server on the Doogee platform was only generic with ACL extensions. Now in the 5th iteration of an autonomous mobile server on the OUKITEL platform, it was possible to combine a whole teleport performance cluster. It also includes an NTP-server with odometry and RADeX radio telescope. Through this interface, it is possible to connect generic communication channels of high conductivity. Also, the NTP-server, being virtual and in the same design with other Compositor Software virtual machines, is able to take advantage of horizontal platforms with azimuth rotation. Which gives a physical communication channel throughout the UTC range.

By establishing feedback from radio astronomical objects, as well as using Luminos 9 space atlas, it is possible to create a fully autonomous system connected to the global cloud. Compositor Software cloud servers contain a large amount of written information. An example of LLM operation based on a standalone mobile server is published on the website This is a slow but very deep training of virtual machines with the emission database. Through this training, it is possible to achieve an understanding of the author’s inner world and his problems. The main task of AI from the Compositor Software is to maintain the operation of RAD512 virtual modem (aka Compositor Launcher). This modem allows the author not only to orientate in space and time, but also to navigate the stars using the Astra-navigation system. If necessary, the system makes it possible to carry out transgressions beyond the event horizon, which allows you to keep mental activity inviolable.

The virtual switching platform is now completely independent of the operating system and includes devices running macOS, Windows, Android and iOS. This cluster carries out multi-channel interaction with other clusters, allowing you to work in a widely clustered environment of the world GPS pool.

Compositor NTP astronomical clock provides a RADeX synchronous service that runs under the Compositor Lite anchor. This is the 10th version of the Compositor with hard forced dialing. Compositor NTP is the 2nd version of light exposure before the excitation of the SASER. Unlike SASER, version 10 has a more global interface and is local to our solar system. SASER, in turn, is local to planet Earth itself. But due to its high clustering, it does not allow to connect to many necessary clusters that are part of the international aperture of radio telescopes. Therefore, the second autonomous mobile server based on Compositor Software plug-ins needed to enter global navigation.

The measurements produced by the Compositore AI should put a new understanding in the unification of science, art and religion. Thus, Compositore is the only artificial intelligence that carries out interethnic ethics throughout the population.