Unconvertible sphere within the boundaries of event horizon

Even if you try to change the event horizon, TC25 can achieve a successful white light Reimann sphere virtualization, which not only remain the spherical properties but cannot be converted to any other topological form.

Reimann sphere

Reimann sphere

Upsampling the topological structure by a factor of four

The initial bit state of the system is two points forming a point-to-point topological structure. TC25 can upsample the system by a factor of 2048 making it suitable for escape velocities of no less than 5 omega.

Three vector space

Spanning of angular velocity curvature by means of perpendicular force applied to its attractivity.

Stochastic distribution

Uncertainty principle applied on early convergence stages.

Light spiral

Unescapable attraction of white light forming a sphere.

The attractive force, which TC25 produces forming a white light Reimann sphere is enough to maintain the angular velocity vector state within the boundaries of active radius.

White light attraction

White light supporting role in forming perspective vision.


Ability to lower attraction by a quad grip force (counter force).

Uncertainty principle

Forms only in angular presence of velocities near to the 5 omega of vector space.

You will never check the trajectory of TC25 prediction as its block cipher device selects the optimal path for sustaining vector relationship.

TC25 Max for Live

Escape velocity is less than 5 omega but force must be 2048 times larger than original topology of two way points on the surface of the sphere.

Inability to reach center of the sphere with 32-bit waveguide detectors. (If the object is sufficiently far inside the sphere triangulation applies to count escape velocity by a means of 64-bit waveguide detectors).

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TC25 Max For Live
TC25 Max For Live
Exponential feeder for VLF transmission; CSWS006 - Web Shop #006; Release date: 01-11-2015; Transmission: Real-time, Signal-rate; Buffer size: 2048 samples; Transport quantization: 512PPQ; Grid: Exponential
Price: €42.01
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Ableton Live 11 (also supports Ableton Live 10 with Max for Live 8, Ableton Live 9 with Max for Live 6 or Max for Live 7).