MDL12 Max for Live

MDL12 space-time software modem uses synchronous analysis of non-harmonic timbre and realizes timbre autocorrection systems with couple-shaped transfer function. Compositor kernel v12 mask realizes serial connection elliptic topology. MDL12 space-time software modem uses Frequency Modulation (FM) Physics Law and applies FM synthesis for testing 24 available transmission channels. Subnetworks masks v6 and v8 able to connect using a virtualization of v12 Compositor kernel to a lower layer subnetwork types. MDL12 achieves lower resource consumption by using x2048 oversampling with FM based function and achieves systems with FFT window buffer size up to 4096 samples. MDL12 space-time modem achieves parabolic antenna virtualization using stochastic selection of Chebyshev polynomials. MDL12 space-time software modem internal architecture realized using decabit rounding to the higher-order value in samples with phase depth of 64-bits. MDL12 uses MS-coding, which means you can create network topologies of any type.