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Sample-precise solution for packet fixation

To finish the production of Niagara software modem you need to produce a new dump. Dump and middleware records simultaneously that is why you need to produce new middleware also. The main difference from Niagara 18 software modem middleware is that you need to fixate a number of packets for dump. For example, you need to fixate 65535 packets in one dump on 8192 bpm speed. For this you need to modify the recorder. This will ceed the preceding agreement, but it is the only ability to make a step over Hypervisor into RTOS. Hypervisor – is a device for fixating radiotranslations and RTOS is a device for fixation of packets. It leads to principal difference between two instruments. In essence, the change is minor. The MaxMSP sfrecord~ object supports floating point values, that is why I can make a loop in ms, containing a number of packets. For example, I can multiply bar period on a number of bars, that is packets of information, I receive the dump value in ms with sample precision and can record 65535 * 131072 = 8589803520 samples for a new dump. Before production I shoud make an emission of DJ Usa – Caravan (All Forces Remix) track, produced in 1999 that will help to receive servers of that time and to extend software production to 2021.

This way, the solution to the task is evident: if I will export dump and middleware from Compositor RTOS 9.0.2 a13, containing a needed number of samples beforehand, without editing, and pass it through the non-linear processor of aforementioned RTOS, I can surpass the moment of time, to which this dump and middleware ascends, taking that this process is stationary.

About ruslany
Ruslan Yusipov is the artist and entrepreneur with his own vision of software industry. Ruslan’s passion to new explorations gives plethora of results in MaxMSP programming. He brings the home to Compositor Software, implementing the software for controlling any PC or Mac system. This software not only turns your regular PC or Mac into a server, it actively scans the Ethernet, which your system is connected to. One of the achievements of Ruslan Yusipov as software developer is MDL12 vSwitch technology. It helps to get routing tables from the Ethernet, making possible MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) connections.