FF8 Max for Live

FF8 Max for Live is a fractal antenna used to stochastically connect to a quantum Ether, which runs in the Spherical Interaction Network. With the use of this antenna you can tune into different radio and TV bands depending on your audio device sample rate frequency. One of the popular approaches is to use FF8 within Compositor v3 Hypervisor Radio Shack to tune in with RTC8k stochastic selector. This approach gives a 3d class longevity Ether suitable to transmit long messages via ULF and VLF networks. The use of the FF8 fractal antenna makes a perception more clearer with your receiver acting like a feed in regeneration network.

FF8 signal is a harsh wave structure, initiating strong feedback in Compositor device with the use of fine-tuning. Two modes available as usual. You can tweak FF8 in small steps manually or turn on 3d class longevity automatic control.