Neurological chipset from Ruslan PC

Neurological chipset from Ruslan PC

Compositor Software presents the website dedicated to a new product in the computer services market: a neurological chipset. This site provides information about the product and the stages of its development. A neurological chipset is a set of two applications for the Android platform that interact with each other and create a communication environment to support the user’s workflow. The neurological chipset consists of a soft processor and a soft modem. Together, both products are presented by Compositor Software to solve the problems of machine learning, routing, non-cached Internet and maintaining the operation of the device as a whole.

Ruslan Yusipov

Compositor Software has been manufacturing a neurological processor for 10 years. Initially, the tasks for the processor were set purely musical, but in the course of development the vector shifted towards common tasks. For example, if earlier it was possible to record short segments of music loops and radio broadcasts using the MDL12 modem, now the RAD96 modem is a continuous stream of information that supports the operation of the device as a whole.

On my example, I want to show how a person can restore lost musical tastes, image, views with the help of machine learning. Accordingly, Ruslan PC will be responsible for the Compositor Software laboratory, where it will be possible to create a complete brain map (not to be confused with computed tomography, as the process is completely non-invasive and does not require radiation). The applications of the RAD96 virtual router and the RTC4k virtual processor itself can be downloaded for free. If you need basic training, you can contact Ruslan PC or leave your phone number and I will contact you for further instructions. I’ll tell you right away, training is not free, as it includes work with equipment specially created to emit information from the brain. This equipment has been tested and put into operation by NPO Compositor, which is the operator of the virtual routing learning process with Compositor Software processors.

Like no one else, I know the problems of working with electromagnetic emissions for the tasks of building a spherical map of the brain. Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro professional headphones, as well as Ableton 9 32-bit software and MDL12 soft modem are used as a neurointerface. By adding this database to the program folder in the Android operating system, you can configure the reference systems of YouTube Music, Apple Music, Apple TV and other ranking programs to play music that suits your taste. But this is not the only task performed by the modem, it also actively monitors the caches of the operating system and corrects them in accordance with the geographical locations presented in the emission database. So you will not be able to perform certain actions that are not available to your location. If you want to prove that you are entitled to certain actions, such as Siri artificial intelligence, you must provide evidence of visiting countries of the European Union, the United States and other countries where an extended artificial intelligence program operates. Such materials can be photos with you, videos, as well as music files recorded in this area. If you do not perform this issue, artificial intelligence will be downgraded to the geographical location of your region.

This and many other problems of machine learning, electromagnetic emission, as well as radionuclides and their virtual models capable of suppressing emission data, will be published on

P.S. This method is intended for people with memory loss (full or partial), mental trauma caused by domestic violence; trauma sustained at work; war injuries, as well as any other methods of influencing a person to lose long-term memory and inability to access it using short-term memory than with RAD96 and RTC4k emulators.