Compositor project progress

Compositor project progress

A new usage for Compositor Software algorithm is found. Now, the time machine passes us to the far year 1989. Ruslan Yusipov was at NPO (Scientific Production Association) at that time and he saw the LASER machine for load tests there. Upsampling Compositor RTOS (Compositor v9 Hypervisor) up to 192 kHz (it was needed to make a physical build of the software and to upscale feeder working bands for that purpose), Ruslan Yusipov attained to 297.5 kHz feeder frequency, that coincides with that Soviet LASER working frequency. By this Ruslan Yusipov proved that feeders are on the constant injection threat on the lower frequencies, while the median shifts are minor at such high frequencies.

That machine consisted of two elements: the LASER itself and the propulsion stand with Earth and Moon models. Moreover, Moon was hardly attached to the Earth by metal kernel. That metal kernel has the spring cover, which measured the critical mass, when Moon orbited the Earth and takes in account its own rotations. LASER suited to pave the optimal course for taking on the Moon directly and without a trans-lunar injection. (Author remembers the words of I.V. Rozhdetstvenskiy)

Compositor RTOS is ideally suited for that purpose: it has auxiliary ether, aux channel, which depicts polarizer rotation. While, there is no need to create the whole interferential picture in aux channel, you can depict the valve cross-section and its 3-dimensional position.

Compositor (NASA and NSA ethical hacker)

For more information about virtual optical port read CP-6137-960FX server documentation.

Ruslan Yusipov task was to create a digital copy of the stand he saw at our NPO. The task was hard and had bureaucratic delays. But we are happy with the result at the moment.

NPO Compositor

How would this all aid the radio communications in XXI century? Compositor RTOS management information base is 4795 routing tables now, which increases NPO Compositor (Compositor Software) network, including trunks of new autonomous systems in it. Such direct communication between autonomous systems can be prohibited since the November 2019 on the Russian Federation territory. That is why this site will serve as the declaration for Roskomnadzor, because it is the only requirement, which they impose for Compositor software work on the territory of Russia. It also proves the fact that SASER SAS24P3L still accounted in the software registry of Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation and the registry operator does the consistent work to support this software.