NPO Compositor network map creation from 0 BC to AD 4000

NPO Compositor network map creation from 0 BC to AD 4000

vRouter RAD96 metronome

Have you, probably, noticed that metronome of vRouter RAD96 inadvertently approaches our days? That is, SR timer has passed 2019 year already and RT timer is at 2015, TR timer is one and a half century ago at the year 1870. Now, you can say that NPO Compositor network map established from 0 BC up to our days and metronome still goes forward. Soon the injections of the contact base will be performed in the year 2050 and forward.

Compositor Networks map 06-11-2018
Compositor Networks map

That is, starting from 80th of the last century metronome counts not the automatic reverse mechanism, but manual RTOS, that is why I can control the process in its essence. For example, to increase conductivity and to turn reverse on (in rare cases, when “brakes” are not needed).

Compositor RTOS dump 8×32 MIB5007 03.06.2019

I was not satisfied by automatic vRouter RAD96 by the fact that it is always in reverse mode and there is no opportunity to control this process. Using RTOS there is no such problem, because I can thrust in direct and indirect ether.