Algorithmic music generator Compositor Max for Live is a single solution for rhythm and synthesis performance. It is a real-time device, which uses physical modeling as a source for pure harmonic synthesis. Using the panel controls you can sculpt your own sound out of a rough tone suitable for non-linear style of work. You can adjust parameters visible on the screen using menus or dials. All of the dials smoothly interpolate for click-free performance. Step sequencing is possible using the Exponential grid for synchronous operation. Nice reverberation section wets the signal with pristine clear sound. A set of Window functions suitable as an envelope for the sounds available for all of the sequences for polyphonic output.

Compositor Max for Live HiRes

Lower level coding

Compositor Max For Live instrument uses lower level code language GenExpr based on C++ and JavaScript, which makes possible to painlessly update Cycling ’74 MaxMSP software without a need to update Compositor device. Compositor Max For Live is programmed like real-life DSP synthesizer hence the sound quality and user stability is much higher than conventional object-oriented MaxMSP programming. Compositor uses 32-bit wavetable windows instead of envelopes to encase the sound steps.

Unprecedented sound synthesis

An artistic conception of Compositor is a space-time travelling using sound synthesis and rhythmic foundation. We designed Compositor to suit this goal with operable blocks of parameters such as Year, Month, Planets and Constellation. It is intuitively comprehendible to control rhythm and sound synthesis using real-life cosmology as an artistic point of view. This way it is an artist tool rather than ordinary sound design box.

Compositor Max for Live demo

No temperament can ever achieve something like Compositor

Compositor Max for Live is an application for algorithmic music as a real-time DSP process. The algorithm given connects three Planet selectors to the v12 physical modeling engine, enabling you to visualize sequence combinations. Compositor Max for Live Apply route LFO gives a real-time performance with a wide variety of internal sequences.

Physical synth

Compositor Max For Live

Compositor uses real-world physical modeling instead of myriad of unused controls. You can intuitively control the instrument using a limited set of menus and dials. Physically modeled waveguide and wave shaping synthesis is a controverse for traditional additive and subtractive instruments. It gives a plethora of sound dynamics and nuance to your productions.

Fractal modulation

Mesh Topology

Compositor properly implements wave shaping with distortion index parameter, which makes sound brighter or duller. Compositor is a new specially modeled rhythmic synthesizer with fractal-like modulation possibilities. It uses side-chain to control all sound synthesis routines through a number of constellation modulators.

Freeing up your hands

Compositor M4L screenshot

Compositor uses AutoWG ® technology to control the waveguide resonators. It makes possible to tune each step waveguide resonator to the sound frequency. Pan and volume of each step adjusts by automatic manipulation and gives a proper sound spectrum response for human hearing. All the parameters use smoothing function to give you clicks free performance.

Presets For Live

Compositor m4l presets HiRes

Compositor includes internal preset management with interpolation between the two presets. These presets are independent of the Ableton Live preset system and are suitable for fast A/B comparison of Compositor Max for Live settings. Not only you can select the interpolation time period you are also eligible to set the start and end preset destinations.

First ever Time Machine

Compositor m4l constellations HiRes

Think of Compositor as a Time Machine: you turn Year control and get a new sound spectrum as well as rhythmic structure. You do not need to compose anything in advance – algorithm will do it for you. By manipulating Year parameter, you also change parameters of AutoPan, AutoLevel, AutoWG ®, filters section and rhythmic structure.

Quality reverberation

CSWS: 007: Compositor Max for Live

By physically modeling an echo chamber, you get a modest reverberation effect with qualities of a Pro like reverberator. The reverberator has all controls you need to sculpt the sound fast and easy. You can use reverberator to wet up the output of waveguides and wave shapers.

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Compositor Max For Live
Compositor Max For Live
Unlike many random generators, Compositor Max For Live gives predictable results with algorithmic approach. The device name uniquely describes the use of musical steps, which give together a sequence with unordinary sound qualities. Compositor uses exponential grid instead of overused 16th or 32nd quantized note structures. The control of rhythmic and synthesis foundation is achieved by using just one parameter named Year.
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System Requirements

Ableton Live 11 (also supports Ableton Live 10 with Max for Live 8, Ableton Live 9 with Max for Live 6 or Max for Live 7).