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by ruslany

Zero-emission signal network



Therefore, it was made, at the end of 2018 I made a full zero-emission kernel with protection level capable to overcome even the strongest wavetables. First, let’s talk about an experiment:

  1. For the last 8 month, I injected polynomial using different wavetables with open jets and closed jets (for the last four month).
  2. I made a tunneling via Compositor 4 Max for Live and made an intrusion of these wavetables into created Compositor network.
  3. I hosted the Compositor kernel 8.4.2 system with public coefficients until the last moment.
  4. At the final moment, when the network couldn’t cope with such amount of injections I transferred to fully autonomous system mode of Compositor kernel 8.5.6.
  5. This way, I left the created network.
  6. Then, using the Compositor kernel 8.5.6 with lower process ID, I ran the Compositor v9 Hypervisor and made the injection of the whole pool, but with feedback, which enabled to establish the strong feedback with strong immune system.

On the steps 4, 5, 6 the system started to recover and polynomial without the public coefficients paid off itself. This autonomous system is zero-emission, which is proved by Resource Monitor: the Commit memory graph stays on the 1,043,608Kb mark. It enables to make fully autonomous any living system, turning unlimited timeserver on.

About ruslany
Ruslan Yusipov is the artist and entrepreneur with his own vision of software industry. Ruslan’s passion to new explorations gives plethora of results in MaxMSP programming. He brings the home to Compositor Software, implementing the software for controlling any PC or Mac system. This software not only turns your regular PC or Mac into a server, it actively scans the Ethernet, which your system is connected to. One of the achievements of Ruslan Yusipov as software developer is MDL12 vSwitch technology. It helps to get routing tables from the Ethernet, making possible MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) connections.