Compositor Lite experiments

Field or humorous notion. Field of consumers nowadays consume to consume to consumerate the ideas. I made an effort to realize the powdering emotion on humorous page, which among all represents the consolidation of events in my head. The powdering emotion is the only one, which left listening to March year the 2989 at 1.396 omega. Powdering not only me but the pound sign of my variables. My variables are mine: I’m greedy. The variable – is it the only law here? The Sun, Moon and Earth are nowhere? Try to kill the process in its origin and wait for exhibition of emotionalists. Haha, humorous notion. Between past and present, beyond functionality, among professionals or novice Compositor will make you feel like an expert in the field of doing the most notable work for the reason no one will ever understand. Why? What is transgression? I wake up with the idea that drugs and medicine will be postponed some time later for a reason consumer market will loose its benefit of emotionally evoking a potential or just making another frame of mind. We are tired just of placebo effect, we need the only solution to humanity which is the timekeeping. I don’t mean novice systems of time management but to keep our time with us and live like noone else in the world will ever live. I’m happy listening to Compositor output alone, but if we represent a structure more or less significant could we arise with a question of be or not to be in our own destination. We would love to know if destination is the only variable we can face. But hey I’m looking through nowhere into darkness and just changing a pitch or better say nothing. Pitch is nonsense.. We trying to estimate it but too often I hear in front of me the voices of unfamiliar youth which tells that someone can predict what you are doing or what someone else can do. I agree that is the point. We all can make ourselves. But for me to be on my own is something usual or something original from the point of darkness of unwithdom which some religious views can encounter in their beliefs. I do not know if we are the destination, but someone else can humorously say it is not your deal. I believe in something that stands out of our original point of view on some preset opinion which we will include in a library of notions. My idea is that to be humorous is the destination of many of us is nothing about to be evil or dark in your judgement. My present idea is to discuss the effect of understanding the variables coming through the oscillation process, which encounters physical modeling of some sort. It may be or may not be the original thought but the present state of sciences gives a gap of understanding of the whole approach I came with Compositor. It may be better to discuss a book at the evening that to say I’m now listening to the year 2989 month of March and to be able to track the path to Cepheus constellation. Yet it may be the best task for us to understand this notion as a belief that humanity in its origin is able to see the truth in evident things, such as for example Sun and Moon seen in the sky. I will not scramble the idea of notorious analysis that began with Compositor – the bottom-up approach I just say that this analysis was for some reason overseen and noone could ever differentiate it with some dark unwisdom, which we agree to see in something new and to discuss this it is needed time and effort we cant consume. It is better to say no one is enthusiast here and to lay down everything in the field of artistic exploration, but I agree it is not the case with Compositor. It came out of experience for experience and nothing else can shed a light other than trying the Constellations and their effect on modulating main sound synthesis routine. Not an evening task you may think or better to say it’s task where someone must write down his efforts. Let me start from this blog post to shed a light on my explorations with Compositor and its Constellation routines. I agree to note the topic of price someone pays to understand something new. It is ridiculous! I agree and disagree completely with the topic of pricing as a whole so my policy is that if you want to put some mark on what you are doing you should pay a penny and use it for your need. But not with Compositor – you pay and you enter the world of notorious sound synthesis analysis, which I started as a subsidiary work for my techno moments of life. First experiment comes first.

Experiment 1:

I started with an experiment on phase and modal analysis of circumstances which enter in the field of Cosmology slightly.. and every time I will encounter the word Cosmology I will say slightly.. Yet it is indeed my Cosmology in a sense that I’ve seen and learned it not from a book but from my father or brother or even Einstein at my house during a sleep. This is a notorious knowledge I was able to open in the field of programming and give you as a result in a very compact and laborous form. Like a Mendeleev table which comes from sleep my knowledge comes from this experience also, but to be honest there are thousand places there and we are able to visit them all and learn something new for humanity. So to start I agree that the knowledge is out of experience: impirical term someone can confirm and can be thought of as my exploration in sound. I select some patterns which I like most: they are regurally the patterns of behaviour, which found in some spieces but are covered with an unlimited veils and we are not able to comprehend right now so someone could react and confirm this is of use in artificial intelligence. I found the phazziness pleasant to my ears, but I understand that physical process, which encounters the origination of this form is pretty cumbersome or selfish in its reproduction of harmonics. So when I hear deep sound with delayed transitions I may hear it as well as you on a time scale different from your vision or point of perception. Permutations may be an estimation of someone waiting for something but this phazzy transitions is as evident as the deed and the roots which it produces. Let me see closely what sounds are invloved in creating this phasor like sounds at the beginning of a sequence. They start from Saturn and goes down to Eris that is for sure. Cepheus 1 modulates the Year route bringing us to the place with some gyroscopic precession, which can be seen in Compositor Pro version. I agree to analyze this on request, but it may be or may not be the object in named Constellation with extraterrestial life on it. I saw so many objects of this kind in nightsky during flyby’s in the sleep so my opinion is that this sky notions must be consumed to hear some more information about them. The transgression is one word defined as the latter progression of the individuum into the mental state of future experiences. I see this must shed a light on how I see this endavour and completely organize my work among the purpose of its uncertainty and criticism which may arise. I tried taking closer planets to the Sun in all planets selector and this have not gave such results as taking Saturn for example. The figure is melody like with additional elements and it is all what discovered function produces. I make main channel sound more sophsticated with longer tails in the output and this gives me the notion, that every manifestation of ideas should be presented in regular intervals so for now that is all.