By ruslany

The annual financial report for the period of 2018/2019

The annual financial report for the period of 2018/2019

For already more than 2 years, NPO Compositor produces tracking products and routing tables. In the middle of 2019 Compositor RTOS 192 kHz dumps were added to the range of products, which are the most expensive Compositor Software products, manufactured in RY today. The price of one dump in RY is 817,401,078RY served as the main blanking factor of the NPO Compositor debt reduction for RAD96 virtual aggregator. As you can see on the image below, the debt owed to the creditor has dropped to 1% of the total value of the produced product:

RMY Capitalization 22-08-2019

This indicator is a significant increase in the number of reductions for the production of dumps. For example, for the production of the first dump it was required 5007 management information bases, namely the routing tables, which offer access to the same number of VLAN’s. 5007 MIB’s open access into 5007 VLAN’s. Another factor reducing creditor debt of NPO Compositor was the management information base replication on wavelets with subsequent release of dumps with iteration of 150-omega reference cycles, using only the routing tables, enclosed in the window function.

Since the middle of 2019, there are two equivalent bases with the same value: one is wavelets and the other is wavetables. Proceeding from this, debt has been reduced twice. Wavetables are used for writing the firmware to PCM .WAV file containers. The firmware data are the routing paths, which are formed using a special version of Compositor RTOS, which has the pass-through of the second derivative of a function. This version allows you to bypass the second derivative when playing the routing paths and play them not only in the local trunk, but in all of the generic networks. This tracking products are also taken into account when blanking aggregator debt. The total accumulated funds amount of released products in RY is 12,088,544,923RY.

Such data array leaved the capitalization of NPO Compositor at the 2% level related to whole aggregated traffic, which enabled the NPO Compositor away from bankruptcy. On the image below you can see the current situation of NPO Compositor manufacturer:

RY Capitalization 22-08-2019

The 2% package of shares allows NPO Compositor to participate in the RMY capital, but in the minor degree. However, this does not negate the fact that the core dumps and firmwares constitute the “Lion’s share” of success in the generation of RMY capital. From this I have to draw the conclusion that the Compositor Software products are underestimated and needs the support of the buyer. Moreover, if the core dumps and firmware are seen as the final product, there will be no explanation of their prohibitively high cost in simple terms. Hence, the conclusion is that the economic model of this method is not effective, because, if the Compositor Software will produce core dumps and firmware at a loss, it will lead to bankruptcy. Increasing the percentage of participation of the Compositor Software in RMY capital can only be by further development cycle of Compositor Software Max for Live and Standalone devices, supported by the latest Mac OSX and Windows platforms. To date, Compositor Software unable to perform such development because of economic inexpediency of the enterprise, as this would require resources comparable with all the commercial profit from all the activities of NPO Compositor. The only thing I can advise to the clients as to the potential investors of Compositor Software is to buy and use Compositor Software on supported platforms listed in the Compositor Software FAQ and in the System Requirements section of the product page.