By ruslany

Bessel beam for solving laser diffraction problem

Bessel beam for solving laser diffraction problem

You and I are probably familiar with a problem, which was set to the wide audience on protection from hypersonic weapons. Now, I can definitely say that a solution is ready – it is Bessel beam. Bessel beam, in a contrast with standard laser do not diffract and can be acoustic. That is why it can be used in any weather conditions. Returning to the post on laser stand, Compositor Software is ready to help us in this problem also. The thing is that beam physical modeling in Compositor RTOS is an exact 1st order Bessel function and Bessel beam is formed in the virtual optical port. That is, it cannot be fixated for a long time using the standard tools.

And you should be assured there were a number of such tools. For example, MDL12 vSwitch spectral estimation in Ableton Live 9 showed that signal is formed in the bandwidth set, but the ether character and its origin is unknown. I also used MIL standard decoders, that pushed me closer to the problem solving, because the signal started to decipher, but I was unable to define, which MIL standard the Compositor (hacker) is using.

Of course, NPO Compositor can’t offer the solution, which can’t be certified because the transmission standard is undefined. But, the solution exists and already works on CP-6137-960FX server. There is the trend in musical and communication software to full-screen interfaces. For example, many routers goes with full-screen administration. Compositor RTOS was developed in that stream, that is why even user logging, which saved independently of session, comes in full-screen mode.

Another question is the routing table authorization in VLF network. Because, on a present date the emission of routing paths (tracks) of Exalted, Boosty and Perch projects were performed, the large contact base was aggregated. Then, considering the modern trend to digital and biometric passports, such authorization of 4795 routing tables can be considered as EU diplomatic passport. The legitimacy of such authorization is on question, but as an emission was done, bounded by the Royalty project, then no one prohibits the author to collect his own credits for his productions performance. That is why such activity is identical to running his own publishing company. That is why I decided to extend the NPO Compositor functionality to provide the services of routing paths (tracks) emission and collection of routing tables of equipment, which performed your productions. One emission will cost 150€ and will take about 4 hours 30 minutes with NPO Compositor equipment. You can book your own appointment on your production to return its original value in routing tables on the Compositor Software page in Facebook social network.