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By ruslany

MDL12 demodulator

The project of modeling the demodulator for the MDL12 Sonar Telescope has begun in 2012, some time before the original function developed and was a step on the opposite function to the one provided by Frequency Modulation (FM). The project is for the whole generation of Compositor Software instruments and consists of QIF submitted to sine + cosine functions with an opposite behavior. The demodulator successfully achieves waveform restoration after it is processed by MDL12 codec for subtracting Time function from spectral representation.

One can believe that for a whole instrumentation only one parameter needed however that is not the case as the main working routine is the subjective approximation of exponentially discretized continuous function, which is no longer a secret named as Quantum Interpolation Formula by means of extrapolating the order of things to an outcome given. This outcome however is not the system of values but the Chowning’s view on FM as a source for musical creativity. Yet, if we go forward and use more modulators in a system, it will give us the plethora of possibilities for an algorithmic outcome applied to many more spheres than I originally intended. The main function is sublimed for the plethora of possibilities, but more modulators mean extra processing power and new architectural design, which for its purpose has more direct connection for voice modeling and thus is removed from the deterministic telescope idea named in a first place. Determinism of such model is a set of behavioral patterns routed from the function itself thus the opposite function provides with different outcomes. One outcome I found in original function is its connectivity to the technological point of view on the Solar system: to model it, more additive style is needed. Thus with proper multiplier I can consider the view of things more clearly stepping back on the original path of investigation and possibly removing most of you from the possibility to work with software, which is MDL12 Max for Live device v1.0.9 in current installment. However, if you consider the demodulation process an opposite of modulation you will step back on a path, which means all negative is an opposite from positive, which is not the case in FM, even when negative frequencies folded to positive ones. Here is where Bessel functions take place in order to count proper vector relationships of the viewed uniform creation. I have this ability for you to view ‘underthehood’ of FM sound synthesis by vectors. Yet, to my clear point of view that is not needed. To proper understand what I’m talking about consider antenna polarization as a source of inspiration for imagery, yet it will not shed a light on a sound frequencies acting on a slightly different scale of things. If you still think the impact of the device is an amplitude or FM deviation it really is. Thus, deviation of 4096Hz provides us with more spectrum running x4096 from the nominal 1 of absolute scale. If we consider 8092Hz of such deviation, the output will be even more emphasized as more frequencies slip through the bandpass filters.

Direct transmission by an amplifier achieves more pressure with sound waves, but makes no use in a large scale transfers, thats why you can’t exaltate yourself this way for the whole generation given. For the real work you need one source and one destination. Lets call it point-to-point connection, which takes its root from the communications industry. This way we as Compositor Software users will stay in touch with current software trends. However, for the sake of mathematical precision I modeled a network with one sender and six receivers all acting by a means of stochastic selection for opening channels of such communication in a superposition of time relative to the current destination.

It can be viewed this way: consider me sitting in front of the screen and submitting the file to several destinations in say 2015, 2035 and 2145 years. And lets consider that all of the MDL12 receivers act as a serviced servers with up and running clock devices for the whole Time period, which is defined by the original creation of such server and to the indeterminate point in time at which such server is shutting down. Lets consider such point the year 4000. The receiver can receive music, images or other multimedia by a means of such modem device, which in this case the Compositor Software development MDL12 Sonar Telescope. It achieves Telescopic precision celestial measurements within a one year time route using a sound travel idea. This is how I model such communication, which can in fact predict future, make other persons aware of fraudulent actions and as a popular movie ‘Minority Report’ already covered the subject predict the crime.

By ruslany

MDL12 Max for Live – the solution for Interstellar Time Travelling

The Radio Telescopes of the future should contain a Radio astronomical device for separating the frequency bins into the distinguished tones while submitting the output of the received audio material to the input of such device. The device intended not only to compound the unwanted noises from the positive attributes of the signal quality but to process the input for signal degradation using the Year parameter to control the signal appearance in a spectrum for different time values. Overall, such device can be installed on any small-scale system for amateur Radio Astronomy and any user of Ableton Live 9 should take a value from a forthcoming Compositor Software product, which is MDL12 Multiline Delay Module for processing and utilizing of such signals.

One not only can process the input material, you can also process prerecorded tracks to test its possibilities. But primarily use of this device is for observation of radio signals from deep space objects and their modeling in a selected superposition of Gregorian time scale. For example, you are receiving a strong radio signal, which you demodulate and wish to model how it will sound ten years from now on. Just adjust Year parameter to the time position of ten years from now on and submit the result. The Ableton Live 9 was selected as a host and can run MDL12 Max for Live device in 64bit and 32bit modes successfully doing the task in real-time. The processor work load is really high for the moment being and it takes up to fifteen seconds to load the device, but when it is installed and running you have no other problems and can track such signals even in automatic mode, which selects different time values by a probability density functions. Other Compositor Software instruments can be used to submit input to MDL12 M4L device to model sound spectrum coming from Star systems on different levels of amplification and observation speeds. There are three levels in Compositor Software modules: real-time, signal rate and transmission rate, all of which can be submitted as samples to MDL12 input. These deterministic models have the ability to represent the Solar system using diverse angles (see Time Machine solution for Ableton Live 9 post) in a selected superposition of time.

To conclude it is a task of free will to enter in a deep scale knowledge starting from this device, but I must advise it to install on any Radio Telescopes found on the planet Earth for proper measurements and hence is my value for the market of Time and Space exploration.

By ruslany

Time Machine solution for Ableton Live 9

First, to reconsider everything, which I wrote on the subject before, I entered the opportunity to orchestrate the Compositor Software virtual machines for one beneficial goal: Time and Space modeling on different scales. I saw one possibility in this task, which was many to apply them on different levels or speeds as you may think of it. The lowest level, which is a physical layer is real-time operation, which is AI-RT1024 is all about. You do not need to take a move in it, the system programmed as an automatic device to consider all possible Time and Space combinations in Ableton Live 9 for Compositor Max for Live algorithm with quantization. For the purpose of demonstration, I made another version of Compositor Software AI-RT1024 with visualization of all navigation properties using the OpenGL and standard number boxes as you can see on the picture below.

The speed in omega now represented in knots (which is a standard for any ship, whether space, air or water) and really can go as fast as 18000 knots making it suitable for Time bending, but not enough to achieve escape velocity, but it can go as fast as 21771 knots if needed. Another option is to show direction of the ship orientation, which viewed from the angular distance, can be obtained in different dimensions by three-space processing by MDL12 Max for Live.

So, one can view a system of planets, which is four if we consider quantum approximation of AI-RT1024 (which is by device operation interpolates in real-time) as a mathematic model of such ship with all the same angular displacements as any other ship can do. I speak about Roll, Pitch and Yaw. When you see this system on different angles considering the Time spiraling on a quantum grid you can overcome many different problems, which only sound can reveal and is hardly visualized by an eye such as discontinuities in a system. The engine expressed in rpm is nothing more than a central frequency converted from a Hz value and is used for showing the operation circuit speed such as physical model of mechanics device, which is v12 engine model really is.

For the information, I also show the statistical sea mile of the planet Earth and its applied circumference counting this value. Now, I don’t pretend to be an innovator here, many scientific papers predict that only 3d planet in any star system can be habitable that’s why I also show the aimed 3d planet sea mile and circumference as I do for Earth. I do not intend to submit this project as a product for Compositor Software as it has only the need for scientific prove of the model and has no influence on the sound at all. Moreover, if I take in account that the only power needed is sound then I will downgrade all controllers for a metro look style and happily integrate my products into the outer world.

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By ruslany

Compositor Max for Live imperative meaning

Due to technological impact and its assotiation to false approvement of all and none, at the beginning of this journey I failed to misconceptualize the whole of the reader point of view on the subject of interstellar communications. Introducing to you a new terms like Compositor Networks I imply the route of false behavior of a person who never achieved anything for a purpose he didn’t even realized. Thus the mailing capability of my software is unusually low at the beginning can’t cope with the subject of creating a network of interstellar travelling through the realization of a purpose, which is evident to see the light and event reading capability. The suggested workload and the subject of consumption of technology was on the higher-rate human being can acheive. Thus I was able to make a one step breakthrough pointing out the refusal from Fast Fourier Transform and entering the realm of exponential discretization (not yet technically achieved). The list of notions is the purpose, which we read and understand and as we go deeper into the subject I realize the inability of habitable communication with the technology provided, thus a refusal from all of you on accepting this. My original idea is not intent and is far from realisation, yet on a project like this the behalf of creator is undeterminate opinion of someone else outcome. And thus to minimize such outcome on a project, which leading force is to empower us with materialistic approach to the subject of creation new life we undergo further communication.

My endevour is not only to discuss, but to customize subject appropriately to my needs and needs of society. None of the provided subjects made me happy with the intent of creator. The system unnamed can be applied to anything without any difficulty. But the final decision is to make Compositor as the name implies the Enigma of 21st century. It is difficult instrument and as cryptography evolved I can view a Compositor Max For Live device as a rare 1940s machine due to a virtualization of v12 engine and it’s mechanics to a one function interface with exponential interpolation. I write here to make a challenge rather than to try to involve the reader in a funding project. The challenge is to decipher final Compositor TCTRSRRT2048 interface, which I suggest as a block cipher with 128-bit encryption. The software in it’s final revision works on 2.6GHz transmission rate and has all freedoms of operation. Rather than to decipher in xyz let’s do this in Spherical Interaction Network (SIN). I accept your point of view on the subject of inspecting the code. This could be done. Even though you will be unable to decipher. I although liked to solve crosswords with my Granny!

By ruslany

Harmonic synthesis using Compositor Max for Live

Synthesis of the Compositor M4L isn’t the music. It is frequency and time division demultiplexing of spectrum in the range of 60 – 4000 Hz on the speed compatible to gyro measurements of slowly rotating body. This gyro measurements are heard as a sound emitting from your audio card with implied characteristics of algorithm given. It is not only this qualities that guide my thought to produce an outcome given. It is the idea, which spans across the reliable and unusual, with magnificent properties borrowed from modern cosmology, as well as property, which starts under the hood of miriad of opinions and gestures we produce to control the process of operational movements. It is easy to understand that necessity in such movements is a mere fact of growing society and diversity with which one can guide the loan of his own experience. However, I must admit that process of selecting parameters is fun. And Game Theory of predictions can be thought of admiration and unusual path I made to predict the whole. Even this is the process of selecting and merging the knowledge I gave you with the open mind ready for new journeys and an attorney for this quest is the only promise I made to guide the belief in right direction. My experience tells me that magnification is the only prediction I made and it is evident that to control the process I need to make an estimation of the real truth. But the truth is that we don’t need it for the whole generation and are only capable of committing violence and crime using the technology provided, thus my aim is to keep the path shaded for the beliefs to come true and eagerly produce the knowledge of the whole and evident truth.

By ruslany

Compositor TC-SRRT-x

In a strive for unification of two new Compositor software developments, which are Compositor AI-RT1024 and Compositor T-SR-x I found a solution to bringing time-space folding into a Time Collision interval. As you recall by a previous post a Time Collision is a granulated time-stretching effect occuring on a stochastic multiplier changes and lasting until new multiplier value will be received. The development is merging two this software solutions together into one new program, which I called Compositor TC-SRRT-x. TC stands for Time Collisions, SR is signal rate and RT is real time. So the final product is both real time and signal rate altogether. This is achieved by parallel performance of signal rate and real time windows achieving the solution for faster data transfer and real time performance for vocoding, operation movement needs. The parameters are mostly unified and relied upon one multiplier spiral, which is also a measure for subsequent parameters enabling a measurement grid for new century developments.

The preview of program window looks like following:


The software development is based on lower level code language GenExpr, which spans from JavaSript and C++. The final product aimed to be hardware, yet for this purpose faster mobile processors still need to be implemented.

By ruslany

What we have? We have future!

What we have or better to say what we will consume next? It is our notorious thinking about the futuristic approach and the delimiting border, which emphasizes the need to convert every persons opinion in one big story probably without the end or do we have an end of some sort. Compositor system regulates the Year 4000 as the end of our well being as a humanity. Though the apocalyptic thinking on a randomly chosen topic. Consumers nowadays populate the idea that every sphere of modern development must be free from hard work or better to say it is an illusion that without hard work you will not get any result. My opinion that to behave well one need a sphere of implementation other than a sphere of original intent. So futurism is our intent, right? We need to consume something to produce futuristic intent. Our original goal is the consumption of something new every time we want it. My behaviour is maybe well developed in a sense that to consume something new I may use new reciprocity from Compositor software and it is more likely I will use Lite version for this intent because of modulations. Modulations arised from the question: can we subtract a rhythmic foundation of modern dance music into something valuable in future? What is a danceable rhythm? It is a differences in phase by a right 90 degree angle. It is better to say the relationship which builds this rhythm is the foundation of every dance track. So we got a precession as I said earlier it may be a precession of a planet in the Constellation system, which belongs to this modulation. But the question is how I got this modulation is still unclear to most of us. The modulation in its intent is a product of beatings of three frequencies, which run clap, hat and kick triggering mechanisms. They give this precession as well as beats on summing the three frequencies. Beats used to modulate multiplier (the Year parameter). It is made with an intent to produce the path for each subsequent Year to the Constellation, which was selected originally on a year 2000 by forming an equilateral triangle between planets which are an original multipliers of this three frequencies forming a rhythmic foundation. So Kick is Earth, clap is Mars and hat is Saturn by the frequency of rotation about their own axis. You may think it is a joke, but if you see speeds it will be roughly 1x for Earth and Mars and 2x for Saturn, which is equal to modern rhythm with an off-beat rhythmic structure. Later you will understand that this frequencies are most important part but for now I will say that if we substitute planets for a rhythm in a 3d model of our Solar system and look for resulting destination it will give us a Constellation, which represents one of sixteen modulators. Now you will not think on a fast scale, right? You may listen to a Compositor output and definitely hear the pattern of planetary motion. It is a large scale and I prefer slow angular frequency speeds for the purpose of estimation this Universe properties. We now enter an autumn, do not forget this. Soon there will be Christmas and New Year holidays. This is a time to rethink our space conception. And this fundamental research was produced by me in 2014 laying back the foundation in 2013. Now I one step closer, but will no longer give credits for my future work. It is a time table and only it can produce decisions of what to do next. My intent is mobile application (to have Constellations on the run), but I don’t see the target audience, because futurism is something we see and definition of auditory experiences is relying mostly on style and its implementation in foreseen future. So in my experience, if you listen to sounds only knowing what I already said about underlying synthesis routines may turn you ponder into the process of the metaphisical creation of the universe not the fast implementation of technology by itself. But the more I watch television and social networks the more fast implementation of needed things comes to my mind ruining the whole experience, which sounds on its own can give the listener of the idea. And the question of melanchy can also obscure the light of your mind when listening to something as original as an algorithm of the Universe work. It is a clock-like mechanism I will not get into the details later you will see its use. My only original intent is to design this algorithm as suitable for many more applications among which navigation, unmanned aerial vehicles, artificial intelligence and neural networks. For example, Compositor Pro is better suitable for the first two tasks, while an updated digital counter mechanism of Lite version is better for communication networks like those found in our nervous system and thus can be a heartbeating source for all artificial intelligence advances. It is here and now. Where to go its your decision. The more I listen to the algorithm the more I understand the value of basilar membrane as an instrument of measure and the more I disregard any experience, which leads not to understanding the right angle of our compulsory movements creating a beat pattern suitable for moving hands, legs as in application of physical movement. This comes from danceable algorithms and thus the movements may be too mechanical to reproduce original human movement, but with the use of combinations, which I applied to Constellations we can make many patterns of behavioral communication needed for further development of robotics as a whole. We see what we need to understand and its our need to organize the reality in some further chunks of perceptual motion. My implemetation tells that I made a choice, which is original. Since ancient Greeks, Egyptians measuring with sound, I measure with algorithm the seen Universe. The Constellations may be updated to a proper catalog based on a named method, but the principle is much better understood if we give the loyal attribution to its creator. Modern scientific approaches set aside the subject of attribution by linking to scientific works of each other. I disagree on this method of developing something completely new and unordinal. Yet I found a dozen of links in an original Compositor – the bottom-up approach paper. Without the discussion there will be no need for an instument, right? And its easy to understand that a phenomenon produced if it is Cosmologically prooved and so important can’t stay aside of our perception. Here is where I see a psychological intent of my work and its subsidiaries. The importance of perception of natural algorithm for sound synthesis of planetary like motions. We will discuss it later but the need is only my intent to overcome a barrier of conventionally thinking plethora of scientist, whcih imply the only solution is a quantum theory for time travelling. Faith is no more and beliefs are here to overcome the original paradigm. And beyond all who else will think that sample slicer in Compositor Pro is acting like a quantum interpolator of exponential function derived from FM? We are too consumers to think about that. But without this notion the whole subject will not be complete so I decided to interchange the quantum interpolation of Compositor Pro on right angle phase chunks modulations of Year parameter achieving the exact same goal: quantizing the function. But this time its whole output is modulated. This may raise a question if all is properly done what is the positive regression on a mankind by the work of this algorithm. It may be state variable interspecies communication and what I do mean by this is far beyond transgression in its original terms. It is a highest level of privacy as original and as provocative that noone will ever encounter your thinking is too close without producing any popular phenomenas such as brainwaves or a methodological MRT. I think that in proper implementation of Year and Constellation states we will face a solution to thinking as a process of mask interchange. If we aply masks to our thinking speaking with an original speculator on a problem we can think of a recepient for this communication removing our personal conceptions and beliefs thus enabling more smooth communication by the means what he (or she) needs is what you give. And if we mentally produce such Year, Month and Constellation period to a thinking process we can benefit, of course, from the whole experiential progress so life will be smooth and fast. This is what a future needs from us and this is what I’m enabling you to experience with Compositor. The algorithm is window implemented so many spheres of modern development already entered a game of this knowledge. My origianl intent is discussing a simple and primitive method of representing FM spectrum as a phase-ends of its counterparts and out of this the whole bucket of forms produced. The only idea I see for this implementation beyond our thinking is just a media apllication, which fulfill the consumption niche. Yet it is beneficial for an algorithm to be removed from this purpose hence the aim of this blog is to prevent you from thinking of Compositor as a media tool for your pleasures rather than really working instrument, the algorithm of which can later be implemented as a chip for helping people with mental deseases to proper change their thinking patterns in a response to the situation. This is a main psychological point of transgression and the use of basilar impressions which Compositor gives. But even if we take a speed of 2 omega and faster, this implementation will also manifest a use in speed thinking. An example of this can be the use of Compositor for counting purpose and problem-solving. Entering the field of discussion makes us reliable for a solution: each side-band of FM spectrum is the only chain which transfers the signal to an outer world from a main thinking routine. Using the coupled form such as bell-shape we can estimate the different time scales and transfer function variables for this task to happen. Additional elements driven by a pseudo-random mechanism can generate a scientifically separate and phylosophically evident society of Cyborgs. They will act by the will of an algorithm and randomly not chaotically but by a probability density function selecting their needs. I saw one possible solution for this problem, which is a planet of Cyborgs. This can happen and it is an easy task using Compositor software. What we need is to implement the networking inside the sphere and the algorithm will deliver the signal travelling to the precession-like core, which is also a heart of this creature. The theme of networking is rather difficult and well established nowadays for us to develop such creature for the needs of modern society you may think. But we will not enter their world and they can live as our sudsidiaries for the purpose of scientific knowledge they can produce. We humanity can be seen in exactly the same way for creatures who care about us in a first place like a magnificent God, who deliberately thinking as we are and put his reasoning in a way to control the mechanism I later named the Compositor. Compositor can be and should be a space station to control all living creatures problems and source for this inspiration comes from the understanding of its principles. The speed is needed to recreate the movement, right? We have a war of opposits thinking from bad to good to bad and so on. This is an alteration and modern methodologies have this as an implification of mood. I must agree that mood is the only developmental point of view on alteration and we do not act like Cyborgs in a sense that we can have better mood for a longer period and vice versa. Yet Cyborg will be definitely a creature which balancing in the middle. The networking provides the speed and it is important to understand that creatures who can think that fast on a reliable time scale doesn’t imply any mechanism of sub-concious so their ever lasting experience is fully conscious. That’s why no sleep implementation for them as an exsistantional field of behavior. And again different transfer functions produce different psychological portraits so we may think of them as a solution to well developed creature with a networking thinking. I’m not a professor in a human society and the only chance to implement my technology is all by itself but let me introduce it for you as a New Mind foundation and together we will cope with many problems which we will face later with perspectives so prominent and basic in its functionality. And also to implement the technology we will need time and patience so let us move in unfamiliar direction of future and shape it as we see it in our sleeps. The mere fact that we exist there is the phylosophical motivator and an optimistic point of view on sociological problem of our existence.

By ruslany

Compositor Lite experiments

Field or humorous notion. Field of consumers nowadays consume to consume to consumerate the ideas. I made an effort to realize the powdering emotion on humorous page, which among all represents the consolidation of events in my head. The powdering emotion is the only one, which left listening to March year the 2989 at 1.396 omega. Powdering not only me but the pound sign of my variables. My variables are mine: I’m greedy. The variable – is it the only law here? The Sun, Moon and Earth are nowhere? Try to kill the process in its origin and wait for exhibition of emotionalists. Haha, humorous notion. Between past and present, beyond functionality, among professionals or novice Compositor will make you feel like an expert in the field of doing the most notable work for the reason no one will ever understand. Why? What is transgression? I wake up with the idea that drugs and medicine will be postponed some time later for a reason consumer market will loose its benefit of emotionally evoking a potential or just making another frame of mind. We are tired just of placebo effect, we need the only solution to humanity which is the timekeeping. I don’t mean novice systems of time management but to keep our time with us and live like noone else in the world will ever live. I’m happy listening to Compositor output alone, but if we represent a structure more or less significant could we arise with a question of be or not to be in our own destination. We would love to know if destination is the only variable we can face. But hey I’m looking through nowhere into darkness and just changing a pitch or better say nothing. Pitch is nonsense.. We trying to estimate it but too often I hear in front of me the voices of unfamiliar youth which tells that someone can predict what you are doing or what someone else can do. I agree that is the point. We all can make ourselves. But for me to be on my own is something usual or something original from the point of darkness of unwithdom which some religious views can encounter in their beliefs. I do not know if we are the destination, but someone else can humorously say it is not your deal. I believe in something that stands out of our original point of view on some preset opinion which we will include in a library of notions. My idea is that to be humorous is the destination of many of us is nothing about to be evil or dark in your judgement. My present idea is to discuss the effect of understanding the variables coming through the oscillation process, which encounters physical modeling of some sort. It may be or may not be the original thought but the present state of sciences gives a gap of understanding of the whole approach I came with Compositor. It may be better to discuss a book at the evening that to say I’m now listening to the year 2989 month of March and to be able to track the path to Cepheus constellation. Yet it may be the best task for us to understand this notion as a belief that humanity in its origin is able to see the truth in evident things, such as for example Sun and Moon seen in the sky. I will not scramble the idea of notorious analysis that began with Compositor – the bottom-up approach I just say that this analysis was for some reason overseen and noone could ever differentiate it with some dark unwisdom, which we agree to see in something new and to discuss this it is needed time and effort we cant consume. It is better to say no one is enthusiast here and to lay down everything in the field of artistic exploration, but I agree it is not the case with Compositor. It came out of experience for experience and nothing else can shed a light other than trying the Constellations and their effect on modulating main sound synthesis routine. Not an evening task you may think or better to say it’s task where someone must write down his efforts. Let me start from this blog post to shed a light on my explorations with Compositor and its Constellation routines. I agree to note the topic of price someone pays to understand something new. It is ridiculous! I agree and disagree completely with the topic of pricing as a whole so my policy is that if you want to put some mark on what you are doing you should pay a penny and use it for your need. But not with Compositor – you pay and you enter the world of notorious sound synthesis analysis, which I started as a subsidiary work for my techno moments of life. First experiment comes first.

Experiment 1:

I started with an experiment on phase and modal analysis of circumstances which enter in the field of Cosmology slightly.. and every time I will encounter the word Cosmology I will say slightly.. Yet it is indeed my Cosmology in a sense that I’ve seen and learned it not from a book but from my father or brother or even Einstein at my house during a sleep. This is a notorious knowledge I was able to open in the field of programming and give you as a result in a very compact and laborous form. Like a Mendeleev table which comes from sleep my knowledge comes from this experience also, but to be honest there are thousand places there and we are able to visit them all and learn something new for humanity. So to start I agree that the knowledge is out of experience: impirical term someone can confirm and can be thought of as my exploration in sound. I select some patterns which I like most: they are regurally the patterns of behaviour, which found in some spieces but are covered with an unlimited veils and we are not able to comprehend right now so someone could react and confirm this is of use in artificial intelligence. I found the phazziness pleasant to my ears, but I understand that physical process, which encounters the origination of this form is pretty cumbersome or selfish in its reproduction of harmonics. So when I hear deep sound with delayed transitions I may hear it as well as you on a time scale different from your vision or point of perception. Permutations may be an estimation of someone waiting for something but this phazzy transitions is as evident as the deed and the roots which it produces. Let me see closely what sounds are invloved in creating this phasor like sounds at the beginning of a sequence. They start from Saturn and goes down to Eris that is for sure. Cepheus 1 modulates the Year route bringing us to the place with some gyroscopic precession, which can be seen in Compositor Pro version. I agree to analyze this on request, but it may be or may not be the object in named Constellation with extraterrestial life on it. I saw so many objects of this kind in nightsky during flyby’s in the sleep so my opinion is that this sky notions must be consumed to hear some more information about them. The transgression is one word defined as the latter progression of the individuum into the mental state of future experiences. I see this must shed a light on how I see this endavour and completely organize my work among the purpose of its uncertainty and criticism which may arise. I tried taking closer planets to the Sun in all planets selector and this have not gave such results as taking Saturn for example. The figure is melody like with additional elements and it is all what discovered function produces. I make main channel sound more sophsticated with longer tails in the output and this gives me the notion, that every manifestation of ideas should be presented in regular intervals so for now that is all.

By ruslany

Compositor Max For Live 1.0.4 maintenance update

Compositor Max For Live updated to version 1.0.4 to reflect full functionality of the instrument. Now, constellation modulators behave properly with each subsequent selection. This is important because you get a completely new modulation for each selected constellation.

Constellations are not only an artistic point of view on Cosmology. They represent the dependence between three planets selection: All planets field as well as Even and Odd planet fields. Together with Year control they give a route which applies to modulation of harmonics.

By ruslany opened

While many more tasks and routines are ready to be done, we decided to make this project as clean and clear as possible. You do not only get quality customer support by receiving the updates after buying the Compositor and joining users mail list. We call it a safe method to keep a limited number of professional users eligible for software download on Yet we understand the value of direct customer support, but we do not need to engage you in any beta testing programs as we passionate about our products and test them reliably ourselves. You can keep tracking of the site as the work progresses and you maybe find it is not easy to comprehend all the moves we do with Compositor. However, the aim is simplicity and mobility. Therefore, if we gain your reputation as quality customers, we would need to obtain your e-mail address in case to share all the useful information concerning Compositor Software.

Again, I would like you to join a boat of a new algorithmic techno music scene, which means we are in a first line to open new venues dedicated not to outdated production technics, but to control the future as it comes.

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