Sharing the Compositor clock gene VST plugin

This is my development I made after studying in GITR institute. It is Compositor VST/AU plugin. It was tested only in demo version of Nuendo 12. In Nuendo I mixed an episode of Russian TV series “Znaharka” with this plugin on a first audio channel. It is working in Logic Pro 10 also.

Radar for detecting AU pilots in Logic Pro 10

Cannon for crashing AU&VST pilots in Cubase Pro 13

Radar for detecting AU&VST pilots in Cubase Pro 13

Cannon for crashing AU pilots in Logic Pro 10

It has the following characteristics:


  • Technical purpose: bipolar 96-pole low-pass filter with cut-off frequency of 524288 rad/s
  • Data flow: synchronous, initial bus fixed bandwidth of 524 KHz, SHF spacing 536 MHz
  • Coding: stereo or MS-coded input, 100GBASE virtual optical line equivalent output
  • Operation speed: 0.01 rad/s – 524288 rad/s
  • Signal Bandwidth: 0 – 524288 Hz
  • Modulation: 16 types of 524288CPFSK modulation with quantization
  • Buffer size: 524288 samples
  • Pulses Per Quater Note: 131072 PPQN
  • Audio Channels: 256 (including buses and aux channels)
  • Bit depth: 64 bit
  • Host OS: macOS and Windows
  • Hardware requirements: PC or Mac capable of running VST studio technology

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