Musique Concrete with Compositor Software

Musique Concrete with Compositor Software

Musique concrete method using the Compositor Software instruments is fully mastered. It is not that hard from the beginning. The more lows are introduced, the more it is concrete. The isosceles triangle deployment under Compositor 4 Max for Live gives a constant ether, but the quantum stochastic field by means of AI-RT1024 is also needed in a channel. This way it gives channel sweeping in real-time giving a presence of concrete philosophical ideas right from the beginning of audition.

Auditioning of concrete music

First, to have a concrete feeling you need to fix an ether mixture of your thoughts grabbed with MDL12 modem. The Ethernet mixture is a needed fixed material presence over the Ether, which you may listen to repeatedly with the same feeling. The main idea of such performance is to have a first time listening effect over continuous life of the musical composition. In such case, every musical composition, appeared on commercial market, fixed through its own exciter. Building from a previous post, it is a moment, which excites you most. Making a wavetable out of it and loading through a mastering processor, you are recording the concrete files of the translations happening in Ethernet mixture. Then you get back to the resolution, you making before going into the direct ether. Direct ether is characterized by the absence (partial or complete) of auxiliary injection into the feedback mechanism.

This resolution is a final medium for the audition and becomes concrete, once the evidence of concrete files is present. You may also wish to add these concrete files to the resolution, however it is not needed. Just submit those concrete files onto your acoustic system before listening to your music with Compositor. This procedure should happen once and may be reinitialized periodically when the concrete feeling is gone. You can also give the deployment recording to your listeners, it will also sound concrete. Resolution and deployment are two main files, which should go to the release, but I must admit that deployment without quantum stochastic field does not give a continuous impression fixing you on a moment neither the process of building. Tempo changing in concrete materials are insensitive.

Macking up with concrete building blocks, you arranging concrete wall out of bricks, but before ether is fixed, it sounds like the flowing liquid. The modem becomes concrete also. As it goes faster and faster,  the more you think, the more you notice the slowness of its behavior wanting to speed up it a little. It is normal. 300 omega is a very fast speed, but for concrete, it is not that fast as a molecular structure or better to say peer-to-node structure is increasing due to the fixation of ideas. Direct ether under quantum stochastic field wants to jump out but it is also normal, it will never jump out on a medium file, however the tests under the direct translation with fixation are needed, e.g., transcoding in real-time.