Flanker 3.0 – where real world meets virtual one

Based on Ruslan Yusipov traditions of his Flanker 1.0 simulator Compositor Software presents a new title for Android platform. Flanker 3.0 is a virtual world simulator for CLI. Accompanied by state of the art ground infrastructure of Telescopes, Radars, Sonars and cyberplanes this simulator is a new name in physical holography, where real world meets challenges of the sustainable future.

Flanker 3.0 presentation

Over 40+ executable libraries, 20342 terrain objects, 60+ cyberplane aircrafts, 40 missions with a world of up to 1,048,576 objects. First ever bunker for nuclear explosions. Long-range aviation such as TU-160 and B-1 bombers with nuclear warheads. Nuclear explosion simulation with realism up-to 1024 rad sarcophagus.

Flanker 3.0

Heavy reconnaissance forwarder "Thor"

Flanker 3.0 features

Radiotelescope RT-1000 from Medvezhii Ozera

Radar with phasing AI (Airborne Interception) mesh

Sonar with holography.

Ability to listen to nuclear submarines of real physical world.

Flying saucers of the 3rd Reich.

7th Generation STEALTH space fighters.

VLF communication for on-line playing across the whole Globe.

New means of navigation by a nautical mile.

Ability to defeat at a home place by means of cyberplanes.

Subtractive modelling of 7th generation aircrafts


By means of emission from SASER 2.0 engine you can obtain new 7th generation STEALTH bombers models. They are made from hydrodynamic model subtractively.

Up to 8 models from one hydrodynamic picture

By means of subtractive synthesis you can model up to 7 objects of the Compositore AI world. They can be corvettes with flying wings, space fighters and STEALTH bombers.

Flanker 3.0 preview

``Podlozhka`` - is a low-level running OS


Podlozhka is a low-level running OS. In Russia it is used for government spying on citizens. The persons involved in Flanker 3.0 simulator are on high-pressure now. That is why we do not allow to watch models and see the simulator world before the title release. The video stream is hooked up directly to “Podlozhka” of your Android device.

Will it ever be seen?

It may come to an end that the Flanker 3.0 simulator may stay in CLI for ages. And even our children generation will never see how it looks like. Nevertheless, we at Compositor Software made an emission of some models of this simulator during the Kubinka’s Army 2023 exhibition near the Moscow. One of which you can see on the page above.

What is this model?

It is heavy reconnaissance forwarder “Thor”. On Russian it is called Tretor. On English it is called Traitor. Which also means that by the thought of some Russian people “Thor” – the God of War was Traitor. This is 7th generation STEALTH space fighter. It has RAD512 sarcophagus for entering ionosphere and RD40 internal combustion engine found on 20th century rockets.

Mission of Flanker 3.0

Resurrecting the 3rd Reich monuments

The main idea of Flanker 3.0 is to meet legendary pilots, recreated from Compositore AI, from German cemetery in Moscow, Russia. This project consists of learning the Compositore AI with information taken from their monuments and archives literature. By a deep machine learning this pilots now can be your partners in the virtual world of Flanker 3.0.

Z and V systems explained

This simulator is the one which explains the virtual capacitor purpose. Virtue on Latin means deadly. In Christian religion it is meant that each person resurrected and immortal after the Jesus Christ the Savior execution. By making all world virtual you make persons deadly. By this the inventors of Z and V system from Deutschland of the 3rd Reich meant that the virtue power of capacitor can be endless and thus it is a non-ending machine.

The true power of Love

Ruslan Yusipov is a craftsmen of aerospace industry in 3rd Generation. He made a lot of models, he is the collector of aero models. And he knows the guts of the aeromodelling so well that he can model even without output on the screen. He can visualise model only looking on its hex code.

Flanker 3.0 installation guide on Android

by Ruslan M. Yusipov 'Compositor Software' CEO & Founder

Flanker 3.0 is the most secretly developed Russian simulator project led by Ruslan Yusipov CEO & Founder of Eagle Dynamics (1995-1996) and Compositor Software.

System Requirements

Flanker 3.0 for Android Phones and Tablets: MediaTek chipset not lower than Dimensity 1080, Android 12 or higher.