Dump, middleware and more

Dump, middleware and more

An enormous work was conducted this weekend on MIB vector optimization. At the beginning the full base was defragmented by clearance of the dump below:

RTOS dump at 192 kHz MIB 5149 08.06.2019

In addition, the switch to 11 kHz was made and stochastic selections were performed in a special edition of RTOS with a direct output on auxiliary channel (through). Later these ethers were recorded as middleware with PCM WAV container of 24-bit 11 kHz. You can listen to them lower:

Middleware 1 11025hz MIB5149
Middleware 2 11025hz MIB5149
Middleware 3 11025hz MIB5149
Middleware 4 11025hz MIB5149

16 middleware files were recorded, here I show you only the four. Then these middleware was filed to the special version of L1-L4 L6-L7 vRouter RAD96, which uploaded it on 96 destinations of L1-L3 layers. This way, the middleware was fixated. This method is different from direct submission to RAD96 master routing table, because RAD96 ether aggregator can exclude the predefined set of ether combinations and I was needed to attain to precise channel matrix of 52 channels.

After the full contact base was uploaded by stochastic selections of MIB5149 and dump, I made RTOS authorization again but this time mangling the sample rate parameter up to 192 kHz. This way, I updated links to all aliases and authorized the whole MIB on 192 kHz.