Compositor v8 is available!

Compositor AV Extended on iMac
Compositor AV Extended on iMac

Compositor v8 is available!

Compositor v8 is a loop production studio, which can turn any input sound into the signal appropriate for radio ether. You can use the applied 531 loop library or create and load your own loops. Just select proper transmission modes and tweak your loops into the radio ready material. You can choose modulation and engine layer, while listening to bassline and drum percussion of Drumbox DB-01 rhythm machine. Three degrees of freedom Avionics mode allow to tune into the modulation and help compositing multi-tone holding regimes. Transmitter mode of operation allows dial using local saturation, global saturation and independent regeneration chain. You can dial using pulse-code modulation for even more network presence. Each of subsequent transmission layers has its own synthesizer sound with colorful palette and wide tweaking options. Real-time mode applies modulation in real-time, reaching nice stutter sound. Signal-rate mode applies modulation with a frequency of AM and can be used for wide translations.

Here is the list of Compositor v8 new features:

  • Central splitter 400 mode
  • Splitter dependency
  • Local saturation
  • Global saturation
  • Wavetable modulators
  • Three modes of the transmitter
  • New synthesizer engine
  • Three-dimensional Avionics mode
  • Pulse-code modulation
  • Tone composition
  • 531 loop library
  • Transparent transmission modes
  • Phase and angle rotation combinations
  • Stochastic radar
  • Hearable window functions
  • Noise-free operation
  • Link function
  • Transmission-rate synthesizer mode

You can buy Compositor v8 on its product page.