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Compositor v5.0 Hypervisor is the new century operation system for musicians. It features the important security updates, stability improvements and performance related issues solved. It is capable to work with four feeder modules more robustly, bringing the remarkable Compositor sound to even more places. For example, you can arrange a DJ mix and input Compositor sounds into it with the use of ReWire technology. Then you can insert feeders in Compositor WS auxiliary channel to evoke feedback from them. The new head operation module RT-z128, introduced in Compositor v5.0 Hypervisor, enables more secure stochastic chain operation. It makes Link mode an ideal solution to tweak several feeders at once, while being in control of the Compositor WS aux mix for all the time. You can set central channel matrix to work with Compositor feeders either non-linear or directly. Master tube saturation module further smoothes the sound for clicks free performance.



What's new in Compositor v5.0 Hypervisor

New RT-z128 module

Compositor v5.0 Hypervisor now contains a new operation system module RT-z128. This module serves the purpose of switching the multiplier for Compositor feeder modules in Link mode. Its structure enables even longer stochastic chains with unprecedented control ability. It means that system can work autonomously as a 24/7 service.

New Compositor WS module

In a modern world even modest digital or analog modules have radio technology enabled in them. It brings the problem of constant struggle between these modules for their working rates. Compositor v5.0 Hypervisor now contains a new auxiliary channel Compositor WS module. Its purpose is to establish the communication with Compositor cores such as AI-RT1024, FF8, N9000, TC25, without an impact from other radio-equipped modules.

Master channel shutter system

The technology, which enables Compositor WS to stay intact of other radio modules, is called active shuttering. It is implemented on the master channel to protect whole Compositor WS and RT-z128 channels from an external impact. It works like a gate system with integration time to smooth the output. This way the channel is closed for synthesizer leakage into it, because its engine is used only to establish an auxiliary channel and does not need to sound at the output.

Central splitter works for master channel

Compositor v5.0 Hypervisor has further improvements in master channel bus. Both RT-z128 and Compositor WS implement new central channel matrix, which is used to further protect the master channel from external sources such as radio equipment and main lines. It is used to composite window functions for both left and right channels as well as to switch a transfer function for the central channel. These methods are implemented to further protect Compositor OS and auxiliary channel.

Compositor v5.0 Hypervisor active shutter system

Central splitter

Ionic rule applied for Automatic arranger

The new rule is applied in Compositor v5.0 for the splitters of modulation section. It is called Ionic rule and consists of new secret locks for three channel splitters in automatic mode. It is used to protect the channel from unauthorized connections during the performance and can result in more stability and longer playback times of Compositor v5.0 Hypervisor system.

Reverse playback engine

The reverse playback engine is used for the negative part of spectrum. It helps to avoid sitting on a negative carrier of unauthorized sources, which you don’t want to participate in the Compositor performance. Such sources use the Compositor carriers to listen to their output and can achieve an unauthorized connection without the implementation of such system.

Compositor WS Altitude and Shutter switches

User interface updates

Resizable GUI

When you resizing the main window of Compositor v5.0 Hypervisor, all the screen elements zoom to a new window size. They are visible even in extreme settings with the use of vertical and horizontal rulers. Full screen mode with zoomed GUI is also available.

Parameter updates

Multiplier is now Altitude

Multiplier is now mapped to altitude values. It helps to establish the performance parameters in values of natural height in meters. Altitude changes with a sample rate change and spans from 300 meters to 17 kilometers.

Reload button for all audio modules

In Compositor v5.0 Hypervisor you have an ability to reload all instruments to their default state. It helps when for some reason you changed a decision and want to initiate the other session, when simple reset doesn’t work.

Main features

Three transmission modes

Three transmission modes are available in Compositor WS. Each of them are customizable at the central channel modules.

Real-time modulation

Real-time modulation in Compositor WS applies to the carriers instead of the granulation synth engine. It helps to avoid synthesizer leakage into the aux channel during the performance.

Shutter system

Shutter system, which works like a gate with smoothing on the master channel. It helps to avoid noises leakage into the Compositor WS channel.
Compositor WS display
Compositor WS system

Display zooming

Setting the higher z value you can zoom in on the Compositor WS internal display to visualize beats, window functions and waveshaping more closely.

Switchable altitude

Changing sample rate switches the altitude mapping. You can use higher sample rates for lower altitude values in expense of more CPU resources utilization.

RT-z128 bit display

RT-z128 bit display shows the current system decimal capacity in bits. If the intrusion is in RT-z128 channel, this display will show the affected bit-rate and the headroom for operation system.

Radio frequency protection

Compositor v5 is a Hypervisor rack with Compositor WS auxiliary channel and RT-z128 operation system. It helps to play Compositor modules without any side impact from other radio-equipped instruments, which present during the live show.

RT-z128 GHz display

GHz calculation

RT-z128 now shows the oversampled broadcasting frequency, which happens at transmission rate. The private sub transmission rate calculation also happens inside RT-z128 algorithm for security reasons.

AI-RT1024 warning display

Display warning

The displays of RT-z128, Compositor WS and AI-RT1024 updated with a flag backgrounds to show red and green zones of feeders functionality. It helps to avoid unexpected behavior such as channel shut down, if the feeder red zone is reached.

Compositor v5.0 Hypervisor master processing

Master processing

The master channel processing is available in Compositor v5.0 Hypervisor. It saturates, compresses and filters out unwanted noises in real-time with no expense on CPU usage.

Compositor v5.0 Hypervisor self-feeding


You can oversaturate the aux channel by sending its output back to the input without creating a feedback loop sound. Listen to the Compositor sound in aux channel with oversaturation applied for more warmth and tape effect simulation.

Compositor WS central channel

Signal insertion

An empty aux channel for signal insertion. Compositor WS has a spare aux channel, which now can accept only Compositor feeders and no signal from outside.

Compositor v5 mixer

Latency free aux channel

Compositor WS features the latency free aux channel, which helps to establish an aux line for Compositor feeder modules without delay.

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System Specifications

Standalone: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 (application runs only in 64-bit version of Windows OS); Mac Intel machine running OS X 10.5 – 11.6. Apple M1 through Rosetta 2 (On Big Sur only). NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MAC OS 12 MONTEREY.

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