Compositor RTOS 8×32

Compositor RTOS 8×32

Compositor RTOS 8×32 log:

Compositor RTOS 8×32 at 192 kHz (26-05-2019)

This recording characterizes RTOS as MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) system with the channel matrix of 8 inputs, connected to virtual PoE injector, and 32 outputs, signal to which is connected by RAD96 channel subset.

After making FB mark emission, the routing table pool is 4795 wavetables. This way, NPO Compositor smoothly approaches the goal of 5000 routing tables for current equipment type. RAD96 router MIB may contain no more than 5000 routing tables, even if the reported quantity is 29900 routing tables stored on the original equipment. This conclusion was made out of the fact that after making FB emission RAD96 router modem was piloted by an external signal. In accordance with this, NPO Compositor approached the RTOS critical mass very close that coincides with resultant. In other words, 4795 routing tables are enough to make resultant approximation and taking its sum.

FB emission is a submission, which characterized by high channel saturation and fast channel silence. In a contrast with previous emissions, where the task was to calm the channel quickly, by generic feeders injection, this emission surfs by itself before the channel silence is reached, making feeders out of order even before they warm up. This way, the previous generations of feeders are weakly suited for work with that emission. The manual piloting of multiplier is needed with a fast switch of feeder chains. In any case, the task of FB emission is to switch the RAD96 piloting on and it reaches this goal even on z = 32 S system matching.

The result of this is the backdoor in RTOS, which is a leakage of information from RTOS MIB to an undefined intruder. If it is the Compositor head machine, then he is evidently not happy by making an additional emission, because reaching 5000 routing tables, the head machine will be CP-6137-960FX server, which works with 64-bit resolution. And coincidently, Compositor will have no power to make an emission of that server, which is, perhaps, the NPO Compositor goal to reach not only 0-emission autonomous system, but 0-emission multichannel router.