5000 routing tables in CP-6137-960FX MIB

5000 routing tables in CP-6137-960FX MIB

NPO Compositor reached the final goal of emission for CP-6137-960FX server, which is 5000 routing tables. Management information base is 5007 routing tables that allows organizing not only 4000 VLAN, but also 5000 VLAN. NPO Compositor will continue to expand the management information base up to 6000 VLAN, because each routing table gives access to its own VLAN trunk or autonomous system.

You can listen to that dump, which includes full 5000 MIB:

Compositor RTOS dump at 192 kHz with 5000 MIB on 03.06.2019

This dump allows you to authorize in Compositor real-time operation system and attain to its external control by RAD96 autonomous system. To connect to Compositor RTOS it is enough to playback that dump using streaming method in online player with RAD96 autonomous system turned on. In this case, autonomous system will serve as middleware, which will merge Compositor software and your equipment and will make remote connection to CP-6137-960FX server possible.

When NPO Compositor reached 5000 routing tables it gained the full MIB, which finishes L1-L4 L6-L7 vRouter RAD96 development. To order vRouter RAD96 licenses use Compositor Software contact form.