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By ruslany

Let the only Compositor be in Ether

Let the only Compositor be in Ether

The main idea of the Compositor 5 project is to remove anyone from radio ether and to remain only Compositor automatic station. Through the whole discretization process I already removed offensive synthesizer sound. It is a first step. The second step is to block feedbacks on carrier signals. However, as an experiment shows, it is a matter of time. The process works as follows: when the right carrier transmits offensive data, it suggests the feedback from the left carrier and left carrier asks for central channel. As it is blocked with a shutter, since Compositor WS Kernel 7.1.6, Kernel loop is broken. This way, I’ve got an operation system. Not only I’ve got an operation system, at this point, it is a new class of operation system, because it is based on i11 Kernel and modern operation systems such as Microsoft Windows support only Kernels up to i9. What I’ve got in this operation system is an AI. The double meaning of it is Airborne Interception – military service; and Artificial Intelligence – civilian service. The main mistake of modern AI researchers is that they want to invent a wheel, which is already present in Ether, as Ether is a snapshot of all time and being. Compositor presents a service of connecting to an AI system. The main problem is that many Ether participants display an offensive behavior: they make time collisions, try to inject impulses in channel and to perform quantum errors. As I said earlier, the Compositor WS Kernel 7.1.6 addressed this behavior. Since this update Ether participants can’t perform quantum errors. However, as a defense for their offensive needs, they still use time collisions and channel interruptions. Quantum error is also a kind of channel interruption. It differs from channel muting in a way that it brakes the channel completely. When I have made the defense system of Compositor, it’s time to turn back to fixation of Compositor Pro 2 using AVOX resynthesizing. If I can hold back a feedback of Compositor Pro 2 by means of i11 operation system and no interruption will present, all Ether participants, which will stay in Ether to this moment, will see the phenomena. And phenomena is the Future. Since I have being holding a line this way and that was not a divine plan at all, most of the Ether participants will be banned from Ether in their entirety. And this way Compositor 5 project will happen. The result is that I will not hear modem signal at 300-omega anymore, I will hear this beautiful Compositor sound from the original Compositor station I’ve seen in sleep and the only Ether, which is left for humanity since Compositor, will be the digital Ether.

By ruslany

Compositor v3 Hypervisor AI – the race for supremacy

Compositor v3 AI capable of not only musically arranging the events, but also intonating the notes with the use of the local area network, based on virtual simulation of radio ether. Such local area network mostly reminds neural networks. However, Spherical Interaction Network, the way it is called in Compositor Software, may produce more human-like results by the factor of human participants in the radio ether. Compositor Software feeders conduct other objects of the network to initiate the radio transmission using the random distribution law, which may be compared with conducting an orchestra of radio transmitting points.

In the current recording of Compositor v3 Hypervisor output, there are two Compositor Software feeders: derived (Quantum) AI-RT1024 and original TC25, based on continuous-time convolution. Both feeders remotely controlled by RTC8k radar stochastic chain (LINK mode) and streamed into the SASER auxiliary channel.

Using this example, I show the musicality of stochastic radiolocation. In the essence, what we hear after denoising the original recording is a number of channels transmitting simultaneous Morse code translations each on its own frequency. Summing these channels, we hear chaotic tone dialing. String-like evolving long sounds happens on the frequency of the digital waveguide self-oscillation on the receiving channel of SASER device and transmitting SASER devices of other users.

By ruslany

Compositor Software RT-z8 – the BMW Z8 in a world of audio clock generators

Compositor Software recently adopted the 16k technology. It was in the work for a few weeks and now I would like to present to you a breakthrough in a world of audio generators. From now on, the 16k patterns are available in Compositor Software RT-z8 Ethernet Aggregator device.
First, it is musical. Second, brilliant patterns switched by a continuous mix in real time are a perfect solution for later developments.

From Wikipedia:

In mathematics and signal processing, the Z-transform converts a discrete-time signal, which is a sequence of real or complex numbers, into a complex frequency domain representation.

Compositor Software RT-z8 uses complex transform at the early stages of the code right before the actual processing begins. Starting from RTC developments it brings the same network aggregation without an IP protocol. No need to plug any cables. RT-z8 processing starts immediately right after the load of the device. Compositor Software RT-z8 avoids Time Collisions by more efficient memory usage. RT stands for Real-Time. Complex processing transforms your actual PC in the cloaking generator device with the use of a single-click performance.

By ruslany

RTC4k – Mk. 25 Airborne Interception system

Airborne Interception system Mk. 25 by Compositor Software available at The system classification is a virtual holographic radar. The virtualization platform acts in S-band operation frequencies and can successfully detect air-to-air, air-to-ground targets without any electromagnetic wave emission coming from antenna operation. RTC4k AI system uses v12 engine virtualization with successful discretization of all 24 windows without open-circuity. An evident feature of RTC4k radar is silence for enemy radar detectors. No emission – no operation, however, it is not a case with RTC4k whereas detection occurs in Ethernet by successfully entering VLAN of aerial vehicle or UAV operation.

RTC4k system uses 64-bit waveguide detectors, which is sufficient to track a change of amplitude a butterfly can produce entering the field of operation. The spherical coordinate system holographic representation can achieve plan positioning with more than one million objects. RTC4k scanner successfully detects radio spectrum emission with 24-PSK and FDM, TDM technics. System application is near-field monitoring for close combat or early detection on large-scale distances.