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by ruslany

MDL12 beat independent for autonomous solution

MDL12 v1.2.1 beat independent has the auto mode and independent frequency tuning. In this solution beat independent version is used in auto mode. It means that frequency tunings made automatically as switches in broadband spectrum. Now MDL12 product contains both beat dependent and beat independent versions in one purchase. For 43 Euro you get two Max for Live devices: one producing feedbacks and the other made specifically for real-time automatic predictions. You can hear its sound in the demo below:

Compositor Software – Forecast 1

Compositor Software Forecast 1 is a multi-piece audio played by algorithmic generators. It is processed by the Compositor Software proprietary MDL12 and AVOX coders. Due to the limited bandwidth these coders output the signal in lower range of audio spectrum and can translate in ULF radio band. These signals are used as tracks in the mix.

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