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  1. Terms

Licensor – the author of the software herein Ruslan Yusipov;

Licensee – a person who obtained the serial number for the use of Max for Live device by buying it from Licensor;

Max for Live device – is the software, bounded by a set of GenExpr instructions for computer processor to perform in order to generate an output;

Output – a process of digital data transfer with the qualities implied by Max for Live device;

Serial number – unique identification serial number for the bought Max for Live device, which bounds the parties using this License document agreement. The following information such as Name, e-mail and field of interest of the Licensee can be stored with serial number in the database of Licensor. The serial number sent from Licensor grants Licensee the right to use only the bought Max for Live device. Licensee has no right to use the Max for Live devices he/she is not paid for;

License – present document, found online at This document gives a permission for the Licensee from Licensor to use the software and grants a single-end user software license after Licensee obtains the serial number for the Max for Live device and register it in the system by entering it at Max for Live device login screen. The registered serial number loads on startup of the software and unlocks the full functionality of the software. The present document has the copyright statement, which applies to any person who accessed the software publicly or at home using one of the following methods: received the serial number and download link after buying the software, received a demo version of the software or obtained it through a third party. In case you obtained the software through a third party you are breaking this License document agreement based on THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION COPYRIGHT LAW STATED BY CIVIL CODE 1235;

Device – any cpu powered device eligible to run Ableton Live software;

GenExpr – programming language similar to C++ with Extern C on standard C library functions and using genlib.cpp library without header functions, library inclusions and implicit parameter declaration avoiding the use of main() function;

Codebox – an input field for GenExpr code language;

Gen patcher – an abstraction of GenExpr instructions;

  1. Copyright

Max for Live device internal structure is a copyright property of Ruslan Yusipov and is under copyright law applied to written software in Russian Federation. It is prohibited to open Max for Live device for editing even in a case of an error. For any problems in operation, you should contact Ruslan Yusipov using the contacts provided. If you pressed Max for Live device edit button YOU MUST CLOSE THE EDIT WINDOW IMMEDIATELY. IN CASE YOU WILL DECIDE TO BREACH THIS AND DO THE EXPORTCODE COMMAND OF GEN PATCHER OR COPY (BY COPY COMMAND PRESSING CTRL+C/CMD+C WINDOWS/MAC AND THEN PASTING BY PRESSING CTRL+V, SHIFT+INSERT/CMD+V WINDOWS/MAC IN TEXT INPUT PROGRAM/DEVICE OR REWRITE BY HAND) GENEXPR CODE FROM CODEBOX YOU ARE IMMEDIATELY BREAK THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION COPYRIGHT LAW STATED BY CIVIL CODE 1235;

  1. The use

Licensor has no responsibility for the Max for Live device usage and have no warranty that output will not receive damage to your business or involve injury of any sort;

  1. Transfer of the rights

In any case, Licensee cannot transfer the Max for Live device to a third party.

  • The 4th clause is in effect even when the Licensee is not the final user of Max for Live device;
  1. Withdrawal

Licensor sells Max for Live devices as is. Licensor does not accept any financial claims for refund from Licensee side. Licensee should send his copy of Max for Live device to Licensor if Licensor will use his exclusive right for the software written;

  1. Warranty

License period is limited to a lifetime of a software product. In case Licensor releases a replacement product for the current Max for Live device, this agreement is no longer active and Licensee should obtain a new device in case he or she would like to use the software legally;

  1. Policy updates

Licensor is not responsible for Licensee notifications about License updates. License text is publicly available at:

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