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Free Will Operation System

To realize the operation system, kernel loop must be broken. To progress operation system, you need to force it in kernel loop again and apply patches. After that, you need to break a kernel loop again disconnecting a loop sequence. It can be done only if the operation system does not work. If all peripherals and their drivers work, you need to start to operate in this system. By operation, I mean a sum of deeds for the benefit of your own interests, which are guided by your own will.

The kernel parameters have only one definition and are set for Compositor kernel since version 5.0.4 in 2015. The empirical search of other parameter definitions are not applicable to Compositor kernel. Hence, while the sequence is broken, kernel still acts and you can view it on the display, no longer the sound plays. Therefore, the system is silent. To operate sound functions for this OS, you must implement the audio driver for it, which will guide all audio calculations such as audio files playback. Do not confuse with kernel loop sound. Kernel loop sound is not a positive function of software. As stated earlier, it is the negative part of it, for which patches are applied. The Free Will OS is a real-time operation system (RTOS). The main idea was not to create full operation system using MaxMSP, but only the RTOS patch for it.

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