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Direct generic injection experiment with Compositor WS kernel 7.6.7

Playor v1.0 by Compositor Software

Playor v1.0 by Compositor Software

Under pressure of generic injection Compositor WS kernel 7.6.7 system doesn’t show signs of life. When you are passing its own channel back into the Compositor WS channel, oversaturation is emerging. On the middle values of oversaturation there is a proximity effect. Switching to sigma 200 translation regime and increasing the transmitter power to 0.2, the channel saturation is imitated. This way the direct generic injection effect is achieved. Shutter also stands here hard with ideal integration time of 300 ms. It catches the feedback and delivers the loop fast, flushing it. This way there is no effect of generic injection after several seconds of applying it, and the system returns back to ordinary state.

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