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Compositor WS Kernel 7.1.9

8-Stage Transmission

8-Stage Transmission

Implementing the central channel matrix involves all central channel parameters such as transfer function choice and window function composition. Enabling right channel window composition in central channel matrix brings me to the following solution: right channel passes to the closed central channel and does not touch the left channel. This way the sequence is broken. It is another step after the Kernel loop was broken. This solution helps to eliminate an operation system to a first step decision making. This way I will not presume that operation system exists, I will act on it using my own will. Hence, the real world is open. And when it is open, quantum field stochastic emulator will not brake the time-space continuum. E.g., it will only switch the engine, which is predefined to automatic throttle, fueling the system. It is also another step to an autonomous, energy independent virtualization module. The sequence is determinism and removing determination from the system, I make it one of free will operation systems.

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