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Satellitephone call imitation

SASER CS16RT5 software imitates the phone number dialing, call and connection line busy states. These functions allow using SASER CS16RT5 audio engine for creating a telephone line inside the Ableton Live 9 software. Such line is necessary for exchanging samples, loops and organizing multi-cast translations of artists performing simultaneously in different points of planet Earth.
Satellite phone call imitation


SASER CS16RT5 software has a phase-based suppression of unwanted noises, which allows resynthesizing the signal completely without unnecessary material. Such functioning is ideal for restoration of old and bad recordings. SASER CS16RT5 can lower the dynamic range of the signal before transmitting it in radio Ether.
Noise suppression

Amplitude frequencyresponse

SASER CS16RT5 multi-band signal resynthesis allows creating an ideal AFR. There are 12 phase and 16 modulation values in SASER CS16RT5, which suit different type of signals. These profiles allow transmitting signals of different nature through the SASER CS16RT5 audio engine channel.
Amplitude frequency response


Mixing 24 channels of Compositor Window build SASER CS16RT5 audio engine allows simultaneous receiving/transmitting of 16 kilosamples in one cycle. This way SASER CS16RT5 can send not only the wideband signal, but also a musical signal using 24 channels multi-band audio engine.
24-channel RX/TX


Hyperbolic function allows transmitting and receiving signal on very big distances. Compositor Window build SASER CS16RT5 allows receiving and transmitting without awareness of other Ether participants. Quantum transmission of SASER CS16RT5 is a network discovery with a full presence effect of the surveillance place.
Radio interception

2-channel Ethersynthesis

SASER CS16RT5 uses two channels for synthesis of Ether signalizations with an ability of separation on physical modeling and waveshaping. Waveguides give an opportunity connecting to VLF communication channels and waveshaping modules to VHF communication channels. This allows having two types of PCM simultaneously.
2-channel Ether synthesis


Granular resynthesis method allows accelerating the playback-rate of audio grains up to the carrier of neighboring reception frequency. Having the particle accelerator knob SASER CS16RT5 is irreplaceable assistant in listening to one-channel and multi-channel translations from 278 MHz to 722 MHz band.
Fine tuning


SASER CS16RT5 software is a Max for Live audio effect. This means, that you can use it not only as a signal generator in Ableton Live 9, but also to process the incoming audio material. The incoming signals may vary in a wide range of frequencies up to 8 kHz and may be changed to match the Compositor Window audio engine characteristics inside the SASER CS16RT5 Max for Live device editor.
Auxiliary input

Widesignal pass-band

SASER CS16RT5 software has the 8 kHz pass-band. This means, that high quality transmission of audio information is available with changeable AFR matching the style of your music. Such compositions can vary from music, which has more accent on low frequencies, to tracks, which has more accent on middle and high frequencies.
Wide signal pass-band

16 kilosamplewavetables

Compositor Window build SASER CS16RT5 is a true 16k audio engine for transmitting the information in real-time without a need in antenna infrastructure. 16k technology adds a possibility to transmit high quality music signal over the telephone lines.
16 kilosample wavetables

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SASER CS16RT5 Max for Live audio effect device

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  • Auxiliary input
  • Max for Live device for Windows
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  • Noise suppression
  • 24-channel RX/TX
  • Auxiliary input
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